Letters to the Editor

Letter: School policy change should be easy to find

As a retired secretary to three school superintendents and their boards of education in New York, may I explain the simple procedure by which a board policy is adopted, revised or amended?

The superintendent or other administrator first suggests to the board the addition of a new policy or revisions to an existing one. The item is then placed on the next board meeting agenda, where it is voted on by the board (and only the board).

If passed by a majority vote, it is added to the board policy book, and the date of that meeting is recorded beneath the last paragraph of the policy as either "adopted (date)" or "revised (date)."

A superintendent has no authority to create or revise any board policy.

If this system were followed here, scrutinizing the minutes of board meetings would finally bring closure to this fiasco. Or an interview with the superintendent's secretary could undoubtedly put the matter to rest.

Gloria Barry