Letters to the Editor

Letter: Private guard forcesnot really about security

It's time to stop the racketeering rings on Hilton Head Island.

The only purpose the so-called "security guards" at community gates is to collect money. They secure nothing.

As a 20-plus-year Army veteran, I know how to secure a facility or controlled area. If I pull up to the gate and say I'm going to the Omni, they would wave me through even if I had a nuclear warhead in the trunk. No random searches of vehicles, no explosive-sniffing dogs, no X-ray machines.

The only thing the guards secure is the entry toll. How is this different from me and Vinny placing a booth on the bridge and charging people "safe" crossing from Bluffton?

As an Uber driver, I am forced to pay $10 for a pass to enter Palmetto Dunes on a $9 fare. However, a driver that resides in Palmetto Dunes has a decal and has free access with his/her fares. It's hard to make a living having to pay $10 at Palmetto Dunes, $6 at Sea Pines, and $10 at Shipyard every night.

Without Uber there would be many more drunk drivers on the road. Funny that if I was walking or boating, I could enter the so-called "secure" housing communities for free.

It's time to end the facade, or actually secure these areas with real security.

Dan Byron