Letters to the Editor

Letter: Toronto fans need instructions on civility

Congratulations to the Toronto Blue Jays for advancing to the American League Championship Series in Major League Baseball. Unfortunately, the victory was marred by an ugly incident involving a protested call in the seventh inning of the final division series game.

To show their displeasure with the call, the fans in Toronto pelted the field with beer cans and other projectiles. Most of the objects appeared to fall short of the field (weak arms?), striking fans in the lower deck. The scene of a woman holding her toddler after being struck was difficult to watch.

Had this happened in New York, Boston or Chicago, the fans would have been labeled as animals or primates. Because it happened in cosmopolitan Toronto, the fans were given a pass.

It is no wonder that the city of Toronto has not won a major championship in nearly 25 years. Before they win another, the city of Toronto needs to instruct its fans on proper conduct and civility, win or lose.

Joseph S. Iaco