Letters to the Editor

Letter: Blame government for storm devastation

It is important to figure out why South Carolina experienced such extreme devastation in the recent storms -- years and years of neglect of roads, bridges, dams, waterworks and canals.

For example, 20 percent of 8,300 bridges were already identified as structurally deficient before the storms. Many roads were dotted with potholes. Aging drinking water systems were neglected, and so on.

So with the storms we have bridges collapsing, dams breaking, massive potholes, water systems failing, and roads closed cutting off whole towns. Almost a week later, many were still unable to get around, businesses and homes have been lost, jobs lost, day-to-day living totally disrupted with little end in sight.

Five of the six South Carolina congressional representatives and both our U.S. senators voted against Hurricane Sandy aid but now want rescue by the federal government and people from other states. But they are against "socialism." I guess they think competent government for the common good, supported by taxes, is some kind of foreign economic system.

Ordinary people are suffering because the government, the politicians, failed in their duty. I hope our memories will not be too short when considering candidates, and that other states will take an object lesson from this devastating experience.

Mary Sullivan