Letters to the Editor

Letter: As America falters, world is far less safe

America's embarrassment continues.

The Obama administration's admission that its Syria policy to field 5,000 anti-Assad fighters failed underscores ongoing policy failures. Contrast this incompetence to the ease with which Vladimir Putin pours men and material into Syria to prop up Assad, defying Obama's pitiful complaints. More returns on the "Russian reset"?

The Middle East is more unstable than ever, with hundreds of thousands driven from their homes, enslaved or slaughtered. Libya, like the "successes" in Somalia and Yemen, is a failed state with Syria soon to follow. The "JV" ISIS caliphate encompasses large areas of Iraq and Syria, and Israel faces a nuclear-armed Iran openly threatening its existence. And Iran is about to recover billions of dollars, compliments of America's ongoing sellout of friends.

Putin and the mullahs laugh at America. North Korea threatens again, perhaps hoping to lure Secretary of State John Kerry into negotiations, which almost certainly would diminish South Korea's security. And China, ignoring Obama's Asia "pivot," expands into the South China Sea.

America is diminished and Russia, Iran, China and radical Islamists are on the march, making the world far less safe for us and our friends.

Domestically, despite trillions of "stimulus" dollars, family incomes remain below pre-recession levels, poverty rates and income inequality are higher, GDP growth hovers at an anemic 2 percent and more businesses are failing than forming.

And so we have Obama's "change." Only the most partisan or unobservant would say it is for the better. Well, there's still "hope."

Francis H. Dunne Sr.