Letters to the Editor

Letter: Death with dignity law needed in SC

Senior citizens have for a long time been talking about "Death with Dignity" laws enacted in five states; California this week was the latest. At least 23 other state legislatures have proposed bills to legalize the practice. A good article on this matter appears in the Sept. 28 issue of Time magazine.

I strongly request your readers ask Gov. Nikki Haley to advise our legislature for an end-of-life option permitting terminally ill patients to control the timing of their death rather than prolong painful life by machines, drugs and morphine fogs.

It is wrong that a fatally ill person could exhaust assets saved during a lifetime for ultimately unsuccessful medical treatments. We all know that many people die badly. It is cruel to demand that one await death in a medically induced coma after losing all faculties.

It is also cruel to require a person with only six months to live to leave their South Carolina family and friends to drive thousands of miles to Oregon, Vermont, Washington or Montana to legally pass away on his/her own terms.

Dying is sacred, and death should be peaceful.

Joe Nelson