Letters to the Editor

Letter: Make candidates talk about retiree programs

As a retiree and a cancer survivor, I know all too well the importance of having Medicare and Social Security.

Surgical and hospital bills can and do run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. One serious medical event can literally cause a retired family to become bankrupt, and a reduction or loss of Social Security can result in homelessness.

Accordingly, how is it that I don't hear any reporters asking the presidential candidates, whether during debates or impromptu interviews, exactly what their plans are regarding these two valuable deserving benefits to retired folks?

I keep hearing that something has to be done with the important issues of the economy, jobs, the military and immigration, but other than New Jersey's governor saying that entitlements and debt service amount to 71 percent of the U.S. budget (a not-so-hidden threat to their existence), not a question or answer regarding these equally important and necessary old-age benefits that we contributed to in a lifetime of paychecks is raised in any meaningful way.

And where is the vocal concern from retired people? I think now is the time for there to be a serious focus on these important issues.

John Grappone