Letters to the Editor

Letter: Empty controversies target Trump, Carson

It is very difficult to portray candidates Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson as racists.

Trump employs thousands all over the world and cares not about color, religion or who they love. His concern is profit. The same applies to Dr. Ben's healing of the afflicted.

So let's make them appear anti-Muslim and create a false controversy.

Why is it Trump's responsibility to educate someone who thinks the president is a Muslim? Millions of Americans also think President Barack Obama is a Muslim, but is being a Muslim a crime or a shameful act?

Dr. Ben has concerns about a Muslim president. He should. Sharia law and the American Constitution are at odds. What would be the priority of law that a Muslim president would follow? Didn't JFK face a similar question as a Catholic? Would he, as a Catholic president, choose to obey the pope above the Constitution?

In the West, we have churches, mosques and temples and a Christian and a Muslim can go together to a Mexican restaurant and enjoy lunch. This would be rare in a Muslim country. How, also, does one overlook the passage in the Koran that advocates killing Christians and Jews?

Peter F. Zych

Hilton Head Island