Letters to the Editor

Letter: A sea-rise solution if problem hits home

What are we to do assuming the sea level rise of 1 inch every 10 years over the past quarter century continues? Wouldn't a simple solution be to add a 1/10 of an inch of dirt per year across Hilton Head Island in order to maintain the same relative elevation? Doable?

Hilton Head could double the size of the periodic beach nourishment from 2 million to 4 million cubic yards using the beach as a staging area, which would incidentally make our beach even more attractive. Then 250,000 cubic yards of sand could be recovered annually and spread across the island to maintain the elevation above sea level.

Dredged pluff mud could be added as nutriment as they did years ago.

We would be well served to be proactive at home rather than doing nothing or trying to change the behavior and ambitions of 7 billion other people on the planet. The island's combined property values are about $25 billion. If sea rise continues and other communities don't follow suit, our property would be in greater demand and thus increase in value.

I believe that climate change does occur and that sea levels do rise and fall. I don't believe that man is capable of causing climate change, or changing the sea levels. In any event, I would delay initiating this suggested "Islandwide Renourishment," for say 50 years, to confirm the trend and then let our grandkids incur the cost.

Stu Rodman

Hilton Head Island