Letters to the Editor

Letter: 'Magic' of new sight due to an organ donor

An eye surgeon, Dr. David Vroman of North Charleston, recently performed an intricate partial human tissue transplant of my cornea called DMEK. In this process, the cornea was split and a layer of human donor tissue was substituted for my diseased tissue. Four weeks later, 20/50 vision became 20/20 -- a miracle.

Vroman must be a "surgician" (half surgeon, half magician).

My purpose isn't to praise Vroman. The point is my "surgician" is powerless to perform without the donated organ. But for a donor, I would have continued to go progressively blind. I don't know the name of the donor who gave me back my sight, but I am eternally grateful.

As an aging organ donor myself, I wonder if any of my old parts will be useful to others. I'll probably never know, and yet, maybe I will. Hopefully, my donor is in heaven basking in the gratitude that I feel for his or her magnificent donation. I know what sight means to me, and I also know what a donated kidney means to a friend who lives a good life because of an organ donor.

Please check your driver's license and see if it has a red heart on it , signifying that you are an organ donor. If you are, thank you. If you are not, please become an organ donor. A simple election at the time of a driver's license renewal will suffice.

I see well because of my organ donor, my "surgician" and my God.

Bill Lawrenson

Hilton Head Island