Letters to the Editor

Letter: School district leaders letting people down

We the people expect to get honest representation from our school board and school superintendent.

They hired a North Carolina attorney who had no South Carolina license (I guess we had no S.C. attorneys who could do the job?), and we paid for his certificate. Go figure.

My first question is: Does the attorney work for the school board or the superintendent? I thought the attorney worked for the school board and would have to rule on situations that the superintendent authorized and other legal matters related to board functions.

Second is the hiring of Superintendent Jeff Moss' wife after a job was rewritten to qualify her above others, and with him changing the nepotism rule. Where was the attorney advising the board? Oh, yeah, the chairman of the board OK'd the action.

"We the people" are just finding out of the backdoor actions of the superintendent and the school board, and it stinks.

It appears we need the newspaper to keep our elected officials aboveboard. I do not agree with the newspaper all the time, but it deserves a "thank you" for bringing these matters to light.

It may be time to recruit new people for the school board.

Oh, yeah, the $90,000 we have saved with the superintendent's wife resigning needs to be given to the teachers, not the administration. As a taxpayer, I want to thank each and every teacher.

Frank Martin Jr.