Letters to the Editor

Efforts to fix shed roof come with town headache

I read in the Packet that Beaufort County had to let eight workers go because of the economy. What about the Town of Hilton Head Island? I have an old shed that was built with my house 20 or more years ago. I kept old lumber, etc., under it. It began leaking. My son and I decided to put a new roof on it. The next thing I knew, an inspector with an assistant drove up in the town's new car. He advised me that I did not have a permit so he would have to stop building on the top of the shed. I got the permit from the town. In the meantime, the town sent a photographer out, with a follow-up-letter, to make sure we were not increasing the size of the shed. I went to Town Hall, met four nice ladies and a receptionist. They also called the photographer. I could not get a permit until I brought the plat of the lot, which I did, showing where the shed was. After six inspections, I finally got the shed fixed. Then I got a notice that I will see an increase on my taxes because the project is new construction. I am a retired municipal judge, and I have to say that this is the biggest joke I have been involved in my entire life. I appealed the decision. I hope I get an answer before the year is up. Richard E. Boyles Sr. Hilton Head Island