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Want to beat Trump? Bring back Hillary Clinton | Letters

The DNC, a group of 200 committee people from all states, is wrestling with how to get Trump out of office. Impeachment has been the word since before he was sworn in, but other than political fodder a waste of time as it will not pass the Senate.

I read the list of current Democratic candidates to friends and asked who is Pete Buttigieg? “Who is ...?” They couldn’t even pronounce his name. I also asked where was Amy Klobuchar from? Who? Do you see what I mean?

Outside of Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, names that we all know, the DNC needs to do some housecleaning. They need to get a real winner. Joe is a nice guy, but is failing in memory, and stumbles in speech. Elizabeth Warren, is still dealing with her apology to the Cherokee Nation, and her anti-Wall Street stance will affect the retirement funds of Democrats and Republicans alike. And Bernie is a socialist with health problems.

There is only one potential candidate that can beat Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton. She really won the 2016 election by a margin of 3 million American votes. She had a great track record as Secretary of State, and as First Lady, she learned the office from Bill.

America loves a re-match. Just like Alabama wants another crack at Clemson.

The DNC should redirect all of its efforts to Hillary Rodham Clinton if it wants to win in 2020. I look forward to the debates.

Mike McNally

Callawassie Island

This is SC, not San Francisco

South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District Representative Joe Cunningham (D) ran his successful campaign in 2016 by asserting he would put “Lowcountry over party.”

Halloween 2019 he voted with Democrats for the highly divisive resolution to allow the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump to continue. It’s official: Joe put partisan party politics above the interests of the district residents and gave a direct slap in the face to tens of thousands of Lowcountry voters who voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016.

Cunningham earlier voted against a Republican resolution to censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) after he fabricated a transcript of the Trump Ukraine call which Schiff read from the Intelligence Committee podium. Again, Cunningham chose partisan division over Lowcountry voters.

None of this is surprising since Cunningham has voted with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) 85% of the time, according to Propublica, nly failing to toe the party line in two major votes.

Voters need to remind Cunningham that this is South Carolina, not San Francisco. We need a representative in Congress who works for us, not one who divides our community. Nullifying the votes of the 2016 presidential election is serious business. A year from now, that day of reckoning will come. Will voters stand with San Francisco Joe or a Republican who actually does put voters of the Lowcountry first?

Michael Miller


‘Racist’ does not ring true

As a white octogenarian, I for one am sick and tired of people indiscriminately throwing around the word “racist.” Politicians label anyone with whom they disagree as racist, as if this entitles their point of view to greater weight and diminishes their target’s opinion. A recent letter (“Racism alive in America”) is an excellent example of this misguided tactic.

It states “... the mainstream of white America no longer pays much attention to race as a continuing issue ...” It continues in this same vein by stating, “However, racism still predominates our society and is deeply imbedded in all functional areas,” and gratuitously adds that “Almost always, being politically correct is doing the right thing.”

I, and hopefully many more, vehemently disagree with much if not all of the writer’s pontifications. I guess that makes me a racist in the writer’s assessment.

Tom Coleman

Hilton Head Island