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Letter on 1964 Civil Rights Act ignores historic record | Letters

Those who’ve followed U.S. politics for a while, Republicans and Democrats, know that equating today’s parties with those of the civil rights era is like equating apples and baseball bats. I suspect the writer of the recent letter “Record shows GOP not racist” knows that, too.

A quick history lesson: The Democrats who voted against civil rights legislation in the 1960s were almost all Southern segregationists, who ruled the region. Soon, they and their successors became today’s Republicans. The Republicans who supported the Civil Rights Act 55 years ago had names like Javits, Keating, Case, Saltonstall, people who would not fit today’s Republican Party.

Joe Distelheim

Hilton Head Island

Yes, but the Democratic racists of 1964 switched to the GOP

A recent letter to the editor claimed the Democratic Party, not Republican Party, is the party of racists, citing the number of Democratic senators voting against the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. What the letter fails to mention is that of the Democrats, it was the Southern Democrats who were the racists.

In fact, these Democrats led a 74-day filibuster in an attempt to block the vote. The poster child for these racist Democrats was Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina. So what happened after the passage of Civil Rights Act? Strom Thurmond switched parties and became a Republican.

Indeed, after this vote, Southern Democrats became Republicans. They also took their racism with them. Indeed, President Lyndon Johnson knew he would lose the Democratic South if he pushed for passage of this important law. He was right! The South is represented almost entirely by Republicans carrying this racist baggage of the past.

David Schmidt

St. Helena Island

Solar power not the answer

Do not be fooled by the supporters of solar power. It is not a magic answer to energy needs.

One only needs to look to Ontario, Canada, where the previous government was fooled into this. The energy costs have risen enormously and have driven business either out of the province, usually to the U.S., or forced businesses to close as costs became too much to compete.

You are also told how environmentally friendly solar is, but look at the production facilities where these panels are made – a chemical nightmare. And depending where these panels are installed, they may also be taking productive farm land for their installation. The only truly friendly environment for these panels to go would be on the rooftops of large buildings, such as the likes of Sam’s Club or major retail stores, where there are acres of unused space.

Will power rates go up? Most assuredly. Gas will cost more, coal will cost more and solar will demand more just to fill the pockets of the companies that promise all of the savings. Unless solar producers are only offered and accept the same power production rate of traditional power producers, the consumer will be saddled with higher bills just because solar providers say so.

Bob Moore

Hilton Head Island

Now we know quid pro quo

One of the few – very few – pluses to come along with all this impeachment “business,” everyone now knows the meaning of that curious expression: quid quo pro.

What, you don’t?

Hmm, buy me a lunch and I’ll explain it to you.

Herb Zimmerman


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