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It’s a no-brainer: Lowcountry developers must pay more | Letters

Why are developers not taxed heavily according to how many homes they build, specifically for local school impact?

It is a no-brainer: You build, you build a school.

They develop, and win, win.

Sara Remigio


Trump has this country flying: Let the Golden Goose do his thing

Our economy is fragile and it can turn upside down quickly.

When President Donald Trump took over, he did nothing special. It was the instant investment confidence that set us going at full speed. The explosion we are experiencing in jobs, spending and investment confidence is good by any measure.

We have a Golden Goose running the country and he is producing. The Trump haters would love to see this country’s economy tank. CNN would throw a party. They would be so happy that Trump screwed up the economy. What the heck? You want to kill the Golden Goose? Sure there is a ton wrong with him. He makes a mess that people have to clean up and says some crazy and stupid things.

He keeps spiking the ball in the end zone and telling us how great he is.

We all should object to any attack on our Golden Goose. He is producing.

The politicians hate him for one reason: Their job. They will sacrifice our economy to bring down Trump. They will not jeopardize their job no matter what the cost. The only thing on their minds is to get re-elected. They are blind to everything else, including you and me. Both Republicans and Democrats. He has the country flying! You want to kill all that?

Don’t listen to the politicians. Think for yourself. Think about the economy. Enjoy it. You can get rid of Trump after four years, but in the meantime, let the Golden Goose do his thing.

Jack Bahm

Hilton Head Island

‘She’s a fighter’: Quit acting as if men rule the world

Did I hear correctly? I was listening to a recent pre-debate discussion on MSNBC, and the announcer said, “They may go after Elizabeth Warren because she was fired when she was pregnant.” Has the world gone mad? It should be the man who fired her who is criticized, not her. How would it be her fault? For wanting to work? For being pregnant?

This happened to my sister in Texas. A few seconds after she received a phone call from her doctor telling her she was pregnant, and she was smiling ear to ear, her boss overheard her comments and fired her.

Men in those days really ruled the world.

Fortunately, I taught till I was eight months pregnant. No one cared, but I couldn’t get an apartment or get surgery or open a bank account without a man’s signature. I was told, “You can’t be a health educator. You’re not a man!” I answered, “Oh, but I can. Here’s my master’s. You will hire me today and if you don’t like me in a month, I’ll walk out the door.” I stayed years.

We should admire women who stood up for their rights in those days. I’m sure many are living here in our community.

How in the world is this anything to disparage Elizabeth Warren for in her bid to be president? She’s a fighter. That’s what we need.

Fran B. Reed

Hilton Head Island

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