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Good old-fashioned common sense tells me that something does not smell right.

A few months back, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, sat for a lengthy interview with Adam Entous of The New Yorker magazine, which was published in their July 8 issue.

Hunter Biden admitted to Mr. Entous that he is addicted to alcohol and cocaine and has been in and out of rehab programs since 2003. In 2014, just prior to being appointed to the board of directors of Barisma Holding, an energy company in Ukraine, he was forced out of the U.S. Naval Reserve for testing positive for cocaine use.

During his five-year tenure with Barisma, Biden was reportedly paid in excess of $50,000 a month. According to The New Yorker, during that same time period he had been admitted to seven different rehab facilities.

Why would a major corporation welcome a person with this sort of pedigree to serve on its board? Maybe Hunter answered the question himself: “I don’t think there’s a lot of things that would have happened in my life if my last name wasn’t Biden.”

Do you think it would be a reasonable expenditure of time and resources for federal law enforcement to look into the Biden/Biden/Barisma/Ukraine connection?

Howard D. Sassman


Trump leads economic boom

President Donald Trump’s accomplishments have totaled over 300 in 26 months.

His policies ignited a historic economic boom, with the stock market reaching all-time highs.


▪  GDP exceeded 3% in the third quarter of 2018 and 4.2% thereafter.

▪  5 million jobs created; unemployment below 4%.

▪  Jobless claims at the lowest level in five decades, resulting in more jobs than people to fill them.

▪  Unemployment for African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and women reached record lows.

▪  Poverty rates reached record lows.

▪  4.6 million off of food stamps.

▪  Manufacturing added 284,000 jobs; corporations are returning to the U.S.

▪  Biggest tax cuts and reforms ever.

▪  Rolled back red tape hurting businesses.

▪  Eliminated President Barack Obama’s burdensome rules and regulations on small business.

▪  Withdrew from Paris climate agreements that cost America millions of jobs.

▪  Signed legislation eliminating burdensome Dodd-Frank regulations.

▪  Negotiated a new trade agreement with Mexico-Canada.

▪  Negotiated new trade agreements with Japan, the European Union and the United Kingdom. Completed phase one with China regarding trade.

▪  Opened markets of American products with Brazil, Argentina and South Korea.

▪  American steel and aluminum jobs are returning.

▪  Unleashed American energy, making us the world’s largest producer of oil and gas, and we no longer depend on the Middle East.

▪  Eliminated coal-cutting Obama regulations.

▪  Building a wall on our southern border, preventing illegals, MS-13 gangs, drugs, murderers, rapists, terrorists, child-traffickers, etc., from coming into our country.

This debunks the letter titled, “Trump, GOP nonproductive.”

Vince Sgroi


We’re failing future generations

“How dare you!” were the words of 16-year-old Greta Thunberg during a speech at the U.N. last month. With lots of applause and admiration from the audience, I was wondering if each person was thinking to themselves that these words were only meant for the person sitting next to them.

Very rarely will any of us take the blame for this disaster of a world that we are living in today.

Media outlets should be providing daily reports on what the world’s nations are doing to clean up this mess. The silence is deafening.

The assaults on this wondrous planet are too many to name. Scientific principles have lost almost all credibility among otherwise intelligent people. Can we really trust human beings to reverse the damages? Don’t hold your breath. (Or maybe you should.)

Just look at human mismanagement in action with Jasper County’s “trash mountain.” This did not happen overnight. It is only now getting the resources needed to remove all sorts of burning and leaching toxins; some of which have reportedly made their way into the Okatie River.

If something like this can happen on a local level, just think what takes place on an even larger, more global scale.

No wonder the youth of today are so disgusted with us adults. We are failing them and future generations. And what is even worse, we have failed our Creator, Who gave us stewardship over the earth. Yes: “How dare we!”

Gene Ceccarelli


GOP record favors minorities

A recent Packet article acknowledging U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham receiving the Beaufort County Republican Party’s Robert Smalls Leadership Award included a statement by a disillusioned, self-proclaimed member of the “Indivisibles,” a group that would rather disrupt than discuss. Using “dog whistle” terminology, he resorted to their fallback position that anyone who disagrees with you is a racist Republican.

That overlooks that it was a Republican president who signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

After the Civil War, it was the Democrats in Columbia who legislated into existence those dreaded Jim Crow laws. Robert Smalls, the founder of the Beaufort County Republican Party, fought unsuccessfully to oppose their implementation.

Who integrated the military? Republican President Eisenhower.

Which party’s president was the first to appoint a minority to be Secretary of State, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a number of Cabinet positions – and also elected a minority woman governor, and later appointed her as a highly influential U.N. ambassador?

When an African American was nominated to the Supreme Court, which party viciously attacked his character to the point that it was called a “modern day lynching,” and which party stuck by its qualified candidate, Clarence Thomas, to get him confirmed?

Democrats love minorities, especially around election time. Tons of promises, all to be paid for by OPM (other people’s money). Republicans create jobs; Democrats love to disrupt.

Have they not noticed that our other Republican U.S. senator is a minority?

Maybe a little more thinking is required before disruption is called for.

Richard Geraghty


Is there such a thing as ‘Republican Profiles in Courage’?

I had a dream …

Some media commentators often remark that, privately, a significant number of Republican senators truly believe in the rule of law and deeply feel that President Donald Trump is off the rails and totally unfit to remain in office.

They also realistically fear backlash directly from Trump and the right-wing media if they speak out prematurely.

In that regard, an imaginary edition of “Profiles in Republican Courage,” citing all courageous congressional Republicans, would have as many pages as a book of instruction on how to screw in a light bulb.

Just suppose, and only in my dream, that a large block of Senate Republicans, who could put country before party, secretly would vote to convict Trump following impeachment in the House of Representatives. If they spoke out before impeachment they would be “sitting ducks.” But if they held their tongues until after the House impeachment and right up until the final vote in the Senate ... abracadabra ... Trump would be instantly removed from office.

Perhaps then, “Profiles in Republican Courage” could have a new, expanded edition.

Then I woke up …

Was it all just a dream, or is it really possible?

Hmmm … I’ll have to sleep on it.

Henry Druckerman


US colleges exploit athletes

I agree with the op-ed written by Scott Martelle titled, “NCAA response to new law: Don’t stop our exploitation.” Martelle’s premise is that it is not fair for universities to make millions of dollars from sports programs that do not pay the athletes who do the work.

College sports programs are not about education. They are about big money. It is an industry that generates billions of dollars for their institutions, radio and television networks, legal sports gambling operations, etc. The NCAA, which regulates this industry, has revenues of more than $1 billion per year.

A graduating high school football player with the talent to play pro football and earn a large salary cannot do so. The NFL rules state that he must be out of high school for three years to be eligible for the pro draft. To continue on the path to the NFL he has no choice but to play at the college level and not receive any monetary compensation.

Meanwhile, Clemson head football coach Debo Swinney, who led his team to two national championships in the past three years, was rewarded with a 10-year, $92 million contract. The guys who dug in at the goal line, got dirty in the trenches and carried the ball up the field still get paid zero dollars.

Exploitation? You bet it is.

J. Dexter Picket


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