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Hilton Head mayor gives new meaning to the term ‘fringe benefits’ | Letters

Hilton Head Island Mayor John McCann is back in the headlines again. Just months after his trip to Verona, Italy, a $15,000 boondoggle at taxpayer expense, he’s now parlaying this dubious relationship into a trip to Washington, D.C., to meet with the Italian president, again at taxpayer expense.

The Packet article states that he was invited because of the sister-city relationship with Verona. It doesn’t say who tendered this invitation or how the mayor would add anything to the purpose of the meeting, i.e., Italy’s cooperation into the government’s investigation into the 2016 presidential election. Will the public be informed of the cost of the mayor’s trip? And will he account for his time in our nation’s capital?

Also, below the fold in the same edition, is the story about extra pay for the mayor for time spent during Hurricane Dorian, though disaster relief in not listed as one of the mayor’s duties. He claims he didn’t know “anything official” about the extra pay topic, though he approves the agenda in which the proposal was listed. It appears that the mayor is giving new meaning to the term “fringe benefits.”

Tom Coleman

Hilton Head Island

Be very careful about approving development on Bay Point Island

I attended the Bay Point presentation at the St. Helena library on Oct. 15. It went as expected.

An arrogant representative of the ownership was followed by 30 minutes of platitudes about how well they will take care of Bay Point Island. The presentation was short on specifics and the firm wanted to keep it that way. There was very little on the number of permanent structures, number of employees, number of guests, cost to visit the resort and from where the materials and personnel would be shipped.

The firm said the port in Port Royal would be the dispersement area for building materials, but it has been closed as a port for 13 years and recently sold to be developed as boat storage and a marina.

Overall, there was a lot of skepticism from the audience of close to 100 people. I’d be very careful approving this proposal. Next thing you know there will be oil rigs off Bay Point Island.

Robert Culp

Saint Helena Island

Some oddities about schools

Thanks to James Foley for saying in his recent letter what I have been saying for over nine years: All homeowners should pay school system operating expenses, not just businesses and second-home owners.

Also, an added note: Whatever happened to “maintenance” meaning when it’s broken fix it, not wait till it falls on your head. I am sure that all homeowners know exactly what this means.

Another note: Two schools built in the past five years need additional space. Why? It is only common sense to build for growth, of course. I only know this because I was taught this at home and in school.

Thank you’s also go to all the letters published in the Oct. 16 Opinion page. Why? Because I thought I was the only person saying exactly what the subscribers Charlene, Helene, Roger, Nancy, Henry and Sandra said so eloquently. Thank you all for making my day.

Carol Lubnik


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