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Now, everyone in Beaufort County must be a school ‘volunteer’ with ‘yes’ vote | Letters

Over the past 20 years, nearly 350 of you in the community have responded to my request to volunteer as an IMPACT/Mentor. You answered that request by working with a student who needed some encouragement to not give up, to try harder, to treat others with respect, and to let them know that there are lots of people who care about their future.

Those of you who volunteered (and are still volunteering) know what a difference you have made.

The time has come again when we all need to respond to the financial need in our schools to be sure our youth (as well as our teachers) know we care about their future. We can do this by supporting the bond referendum on Nov. 5. This is an investment in our future. For more information, look at the district’s website (beaufortschools.net).

Be sure to encourage your golf, tennis, and bridge buddies to vote. It’s important!

Buck Edwards

Hilton Head Island

Grounds for impeachment

The House of Representatives should vote at least three articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

First, Trump has obstructed justice. The Mueller report clearly delineates Trump’s effort to stop the investigation of his entanglement with Russia in the 2016 election. Responding to the evidence in that report, hundreds of current and former federal prosecutors, including prominent Republicans, signed a public letter saying that anyone other than a president facing such allegations would be indicted. Because of a dubious Department of Justice interpretation that presidents cannot be indicted, impeachment is the only remedy for Trump’s lawlessness.

Second, Trump has defied the constitutional power of Congress to investigate the executive branch. The prime example is Trump ordering his aids to refuse to testify to Congress concerning the Mueller report, but there are other instances. For example, Trump has defied the unambiguous law requiring that, upon the request of Congress, tax returns must be provided.

Third, Trump has subverted American foreign policy in pursuit of a sleazy domestic political advantage. Congress appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid to bolster Ukraine as a bulwark against Russian expansion. Trump held up that aid as leverage while asking for what he called a “favor” from Ukraine’s president. That favor was to provide dirt on Joe Biden.

If Republican senators put blind party loyalty over country and fail to convict Trump, they will gut impeachment as the Constitution’s protection against tyranny, and presidents will rule unconstrained by law.

Raymond Dominick


Take the kick out of football

So many letters to the editor are about everything from climate change to school board issues to impeachment of our president.

This letter focuses on a real national problem that must be eradicated … the football field goal and extra point.

Yes, the field goal and extra point kick should be eradicated from the rules in high school, college and professional football;.


It’s simple. Football is a game where a team moves the ball down the field and scores a touchdown, by pass or run. That is the measure of a team’s offence.

So, why the vengeance on these kickers? They are soccer players, not football players.

If a football team can’t put the points on the scoreboard through running or passing, they don’t deserve to win, plain and simple.

The new rules should include six points for scoring by touchdown only, followed by a mandatory run for two extra points from the 5 yard line. No kicking. No soccer players.

Should a national title in football – college or professional – be decided by the talent of a soccer player? No!

That’s it, our one and only real national problem we can do something about.

Change the rules of the game. This is the important stuff. A recent travesty was Baylor over Iowa State by a field goal.

Mike McNally

Callawassie Island

It’s time to vote ‘yes’

Voters of Beaufort County, I ask you: Do you really care about our schoolchildren?

Hilton Head Island is touted to be the No. 1 vacation island in the U.S. Yet our middle school is in dire need of repairs.

The town of Bluffton is growing, but the children are being denied decent classroom learning space.

Some Beaufort-area schools are decaying and need attention.

In today’s hostile shooter environment, school building protection and actual life-saving security safety measures need to be put in place for the students and staff.

The current reality is that the superintendent and school board members who were responsible for this huge lack of proper maintenance and school/classroom needs are now gone. People voted “no” on school bond referendums twice and then removed them from the school board. So it’s time to move forward.

A committee of citizens will be overseeing the careful spending of this referrendum money to avoid the sins of the past. The usual activists will be monitoring this money, too, I’m sure.

Don’t the children of the Beaufort County schools deserve proper classrooms and a safe, healthy learning environment?

Isn’t it time to move past the unsavory politics that have been negatively effecting this school district by voting “yes” on Nov. 5?

Lyn Piwko Bullard

Hilton Head Island

Elect anybody else in 2020

Watching Hillary Clinton on television recently, it was impossible to ignore the overwhelming sense of loss that this experienced, measured, globally respected stateswoman was rejected in favor of the barbarian, self-dealing, small-minded bigot presently in residence in the White House.

I’m not saying Hillary is the Second Coming, but the electorate should be ashamed of its civic performance in electing a man with the mobbed-up mentality to serve himself instead of the American people. Hillary was not the perfect candidate, but she was never anything remotely as lizard-like as the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It was hard to watch. We had the opportunity to elect an uber-qualified person, but instead allowed a social media clown – supported by Russian intelligence and a cadre of bigots, self-pitying know-nothings, greedy financiers and power-grabbers – to command the awesome power of the presidency.

We have lost our global leadership role, violated our code of sanctuary for those in need, and supported dictators worldwide when the gangsters in power stand to profit.

What a tragedy we’re living through. It is almost impossible to quantify. Consider the air you breathe, the water you drink and the future of children you raise.

Regardless of what happens with the current inquiry, we cannot allow this to last another four years.

Elect literally anybody else in 2020.

Steve Reisman


GOP must realize Trump’s damage

So, he’s finally done it: shot someone on 5th Avenue. Now let’s see how much support he will lose. Well, he didn’t use an actual gun, just a tweet. And it wasn’t on 5th Avenue, but northeastern Syria. But make no mistake, the people will be just as dead.

And why did President Donald Trump do it? Was it because they failed to be there for us at Normandy during World War II? Was it because his good friend Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened some sort of retaliation against, or offered some benefit for, his tower(s) in the capital? Who really knows for sure?

At some point the Republican establishment (and Trump supporters) need to wake up and realize what this president is doing not only to our Constitution and the institutions that support it, but to America’s ability to be a force for good in the world.

Michael Robinson

Hilton Head Island

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