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Trump blows any trust in US | Letters

Add treason to the counts against President Donald Trump.

As anyone with a brain well knows, the Kurds got rid of ISIS, with our air power and support. Now the ignorant, draft-dodging coward in chief has abandoned them and there is not anything that the GOP can or will do to stop the massacre.

The Kurds suffered 10,000 to 12,000 deaths and 20,000 wounded to extinguish ISIS, and we abandon them?

Exactly who do you think will ever partner with us in the future? The obvious answer is no one, no way, nowhere.

Republican bootlicking support of Trump has cut off every Special Forces/SEAL team in any place in the world. Who is going to believe any “promise” from any American about anything?

By the way, I was one of those guys in very small teams living in the Mekong Delta with villagers who depended upon the trust of the locals in the U.S. government for our very survival. There are other servicemen/women in the same circumstances now who are totally let down by Trump.

Just as an experiment, go to Syria, Iraq or anywhere after this treason and see how many people trust the USA. The answer is zero.

Gary L. Cadle

St. Helena Island

Trump, GOP nonproductive

A recent letter writer erroneously called House Democrats “nonproductive.” What’s actually “nonproductive” is the Trump administration. Just a sample:

No trade deal with China. Just a “trade tax” on Americans, with our farmers going bankrupt.

No real change to NAFTA.

No wall. No pesos. So President Donald Trump is stealing from the military – including base schools – to pay for it.

No new treaties with North Korea or Iran. Both remain world threats.

No infrastructure program, despite week after week of “infrastructure week.”

No delivery on Trump’s pre-2018 election promise to cut middle-class taxes by 10%. Another lie.

No deficit reduction. Just the opposite, Trump raised the deficit from $400 billion to $1 trillion. (Revenue to pay it down was used for tax cuts to corporations and the top 1%.)

No GOP health care plan. But Trump would toss 20 million people off Obamacare, with no plan to replace it.

What about the Democrats? The House has passed 90 bills to date, and all but 16 were obstructed by the GOP-controlled Senate. A local example, Rep. Joe Cunningham’s bill to ban offshore drilling – and protect South Carolina’s coastline – is in GOP limbo.

Maybe the writer has been misinformed by Fox Fake News. I hope this sets the record straight.

Boyd T. McCleary


Leave opinion to opinion page

I expect to read articles and letters expressing an opinion on the “Opinion” page, not on the front page. The front page of the Sept. 29 edition of The Packet contained an ariticle by two Associated Press writers. You don’t have to read very far to find several examples where the AP writers are expressing an opinion as oppposed to reporting facts. There is enough bias in the media without editors allowing articles to be published that fail to distinguish between opinion and fact.

Warren Jungk


Lindsey Graham, this is your moment

There comes a moment in an individual’s life when he becomes too honest to take refuge in old illusions of self importance. It’s a moment when he can no longer remain suspended agonizingly between his fairy godmother and his flat earth.

Lindsay Graham, this would be your moment.

Gene Cox


Beaufort High swap questioned

Amazing, Beaufort High School had a “Merica Monday” celebration scheduled during homecoming week. Mysteriously, it was changed to “Character Celebrity Day.” What’s up with that?

Steve Compton


Being boorish not great again

“SC Democrat gets fundraising boost after GOP’s dig at wife.” It appears the Republican National Campaign Committee is taking lessons from the “leader of the free world.” Were they not taught as children, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything”?

Politicians no longer care about the country. It’s all about disparaging comments intended to humiliate and destroy the opponent and the opponent’s family. Is this how they intend to “make America great again” — by being boorish?

Charlene Shufelt

Lady’s Island

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