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Homeless motel? Close Beaufort’s Waterfront Park at night | Letters

I find it amazing that the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park in Beaufort is turning into a motel for homeless people.

Beaufort needs to stop wringing its hands and close the park at night. If you’re wandering around the streets in the early morning, there might be a problem.

Mike Malinowski


How to fix Beaufort County’s crowded schools

My name is Violet Srutek. I am in fifth at River Ridge Academy. I will tell you what it’s like to be in a crowded school. Since I started at River Ridge, I have seen classes taught in the hallways, closets, and anywhere they had extra space. My computer class had to be moved to the library. My Spanish teacher didn’t have a classroom at all. She taught us from a cart with all of her stuff. There were other teachers who didn’t have classrooms too.

They built mobile classrooms outside our school because there wasn’t enough space for all of the kids. River Ridge Academy was built for 1,000 students, but this year there are 1,250 students! My sister and I have classes in the mobiles.

Some people say that the kids in Bluffton shouldn’t complain because they have nice, new schools. I disagree. Kids like me don’t have classrooms in a “nice” building. Every morning, we have to walk through our school, but we don’t get to stay there. Instead, we have to leave the building and go to a trailer. We don’t feel like we are part of the same school.

To fix this, you can vote “yes” on Nov. 5. If you vote “yes” on the school referendum, we can pay for additions to my school, and other schools that need more space. It will also help all the other schools. Thank you.

Violet Srutek


Is this really what Hilton Head wants?

When I first came to Hilton Head Island over 20 years ago, it was truly a sleepy little town most of the year. By this time of year, the tourists were all back home. A few might appear in December, but January was such a low-activity time that there were restaurants that closed because business was so slow.

Now it is totally different. When I lived in the Washington, D.C., area, there was a saying: Tourist season is from January 1 through December 31. It is rapidly becoming that way here.

Is that really what we want?

Yes, tourists are good for the businesses — businesses that now can’t get enough help to operate efficiently. Tourists complain about lack of service sometimes.

Instead of building more bridges, ruining the vision of this beautiful Lowcountry, why not build affordable housing for people who want to work on the island but can’t afford to live here and also can’t afford to drive from where they currently live?

Instead of widening U.S. 278, and destroying long-time homes in the process, why not spend money on shoring up the historical areas of this island and expanding the work of the Heritage Library as its volunteers attempt to educate visitors and residents alike in the deep history of this area?

We hear comments about us becoming another Myrtle Beach. If we continue on the same path with talk of additional bridges and/or widened roads, one thing is certain: the Hilton Head Island that so many of us love will disappear.

Is that really what we want?

Sunni Bond

Hilton Head Island

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