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Bluffton negotiations with developer should be public | Letters

I am writing to express my concerns over the lack of transparency regarding the conduct of business by the town of Bluffton’s Negotiating Committee, particularly with regard to the Village Park Homes proposal for affordable/workforce housing.

This committee has met several times and received public comment from the hundreds of concerned citizens who have taken their time to attend, and is now in the process of holding “negotiations” between the committee and the developer in executive session.

In my opinion, all negotiations for the forwarding of this project should be done in public session and in the open meeting, not behind closed doors.

The public deserves to know beyond the original concept plan submitted by the developer (the only document we have seen to date) what the concerns are of the committee members, what reactions to the citizen concerns are being considered, what concessions of taxes due and permit fees are being considered to be given up, what development ordinance regulations are not being met or will require being waived, etc.

The current lack of transparency can only be perceived by the citizens of Bluffton as back-door politics and deal-making in process. While I believe this is not the case, the citizens have a right to see and know what the committee decisions are being based on and have the opportunity to weigh in.

I hope the mayor considers this request to do the right thing and bring all the negotiations into the daylight.

Mike Turner


Progressives’ social experiment will ruin US

Progressives hate exclusion. Yet, their proposed policies are completely disconnected from the world around us, and from the realm of reality.

While the Green New Deal may eliminate flatulating cows and air travel in the U.S., developing countries will continue to exploit affordable and widely available fossil fuels to lift millions out of poverty. Without a fleet of F-35s and battle ships, America cannot defend itself from hostile forces in the air and sea.

At a time when political correctness reigns supreme over academic rigor and integrity, the “free” college program will only produce more self-centered snowflakes and self-righteous political activists with made-up degrees, while China churns out eight times more STEM graduates to lead the future in AI, 5G, biotech, supercomputing and quantum communications.

To promote income equality, progressives champion socialism, even though in a free market, America’s poor live far better than most of humanity. The collapse of Venezuela reminds us that wealth can only be created, not transferred, and that a pursuit of equal outcomes will only lead to equal misery for all.

By advocating gender-neutral language, progressives have exposed their extreme provincial views. Gender differences exist in spoken Japanese. Approximately one quarter of the world’s languages employ grammatical gender — feminine and masculine. In pictographic Chinese, male symbols are imbedded in many characters. Any change would render the entire country illiterate.

Progressives’ social experiment will not only bankrupt the country, their utopia will decimate our society into an abyss. Talk about existential threats in 12 years.

Xiaodan Li

Hilton Head Island

Trump leaves America behind

The only country President Donald Trump hasn’t tried to team up with is ours.

Mare Deckard

Port Royal

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