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Beaufort County school board member sends wrong message about guns | Letters

Beaufort County Board of Education member Rachel Wisnefski told the board Monday that she wants to bring her weapon to board meetings because she doesn’t feel safe.

That sends a message to our students that it’s all right to bring weapons to school if they “feel threatened,” and that message is directly from a school board member.

If a student said that he was bringing a weapon to school because he felt threatened, that student would be suspended from school.

If Ms. Wisnefski feels so threatened by attending board meetings, then step down and resign, today. The message she is sending to incite violence in our schools is totally unacceptable.

Dr. Robert J. Blok

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head’s turtle-protection ordinance still needs fixing

Maybe just one per 1,000 turtle hatchlings live to maturity. We must all do our very best as a community to protect as many as we can.

We were disappointed after attending the review of the Town of Hilton Head Island Sea Turtle Protection Ordinance revisions during the Sept. 19 Town Council committee meeting.

Our turtle time on the beach has been spent filling holes, flattening mounds and picking up trash. It’s a real workout.

What we have learned during this exercising on the beach is that a clean, natural appearance and wildlife-friendly atmosphere are major reasons visitors seek out Hilton Head, as opposed to Myrtle Beach and Florida beaches. We are frequently complimented with a “thumbs up” while picking up cigarette butts, paper and plastic – and filling huge holes.

We were disappointed about the compromises approved during the committee meeting, which is subject to a Town Council vote. It risks the well-being of the turtles. For example, holes cannot exceed 1 foot deep, but there is no width limit. Verbiage such as “light reflecting on the beach” will continue to appear in the ordinance, resulting in limited enforcement.

Turtles and clean beaches are main attractions for our visitors. Listen to the 350-plus volunteers patrolling the beaches, assisted by concerned citizens. We all realize the natural beaches for safe turtle nesting must take priority ahead of possible inconveniences for first-row property owners and businesses.

Unless the Town Council becomes more supportive of saving the turtles, why should we exhaust ourselves filling holes and picking up trash?

Dick and Vicki King

Hilton Head Island

Pay it forward with ‘yes’ vote on Beaufort County school bond referendum

I was a kid a long time ago, but I remember that there were school millage and bond referendums and my folks always voted for them. They thought it was important to support a strong education system so that my siblings and I would have a good foundation to get us through life. The same held true for my own children. I’ve voted in favor of every millage and bond referendum that came before voters in my town. Most of the referendums passed because others in the community felt the same way.

On Hilton Head Island, I did not support the prior referendum as I wanted to push back against the questionable fiscal and overall management demonstrated by our former superintendent and school board.

However, a “yes” vote is now warranted on Question 1 of the school bond referendum that will be on the Nov. 5 ballot. Passage will mean $291 million for maintenance, renovation and updates to facilities and technology districtwide.

Also, vote “yes” on Question 2, which will bring $54 million for improvements to Career and Technology Education (CATE) and to athletic and playground facilities.

To vote “no” on either of these questions would be to punish children who rely on us for a good foundation to get them though life. It will be our way to pay forward what previous generations did for us and our children. I hope you will do the same.

Heather Osterfeld

Hilton Head Island