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Mark Sanford’s presidential run misinterpreted | Letters

A friend in England asked me: “Why does the U.S. media hate America?”

Is it because journalists have had a jaundiced education? Do they have a naïve understanding of socialism? Or an unbalanced hatred of the president?

The answer, undoubtedly, is all of the above.

Examples of media abhorrence of America are published frequently in this newspaper.

A recent column by Kathleen Parker, an opinion writer for the Washington Post, demonstrated a level of derangement common in the media in a piece about Mark Sanford running for president.

Quote: “In the days following Sanford’s announcement and a series of cable-TV appearances, you’d have thought the former governor were the deus ex machina of the GOP.”

In other words, she thinks Sanford is playing God. Really? I thought he was simply attempting to bring fiscal responsibility to the national debate.

Obviously, neo-socialist Democrats have forsaken all fiscal restraint, if they ever had any. President Barack Obama caused a massive increase of the national debt ($8.588 trillion), now a path irresponsibly followed by Republicans.

Pseudo communists in the national media may recall the foremost reason the Soviet Union fell: they were outspent trying to keep up with President Ronald Reagan’s rearmament policy. Could it be that the media hate America so much that they want us to become socialists by unsustainable spending?

Parker’s prurient fascination with Sanford exposes her loathing of America. I would say to her, “Qui sine peccato sit primus lapis proiectus” ... let (he) without sin cast the first stone.

Christopher D. Clayton

Hilton Head Island

Republicans pushing pollution

There has been much outrage over the mountain of trash that has been burning for months, creating toxic air and runoff in Okatie. The Gazette’s editorial (Sept. 1) faults Jasper County, the state Department of Health and Environmental Control, the judicial system, and the sate legislature for this deplorable situation.

Environmental laws are lax and/or nonexistent in South Carolina. Enforcement of existing laws and policies is not a priority.

This is a red state and Republicans rule everything. It is well known that Republicans do not like regulations of any sort. Why is anyone suprised that we have an environmental problem in our backyard?

President Donald Trump has made it a priority since the beginning of his administration to eliminate (roll back) as many federal regulations as possible, and the Environmental Protection Administration and Department of the Interior are proceeding rapidly.

The New York Times (Dec. 26, 2018) counted nearly 80 departmental rules either rolled back or in the process. Areas targeted include: Air pollution and emissions, drilling and extraction, toxic substances and safety, and water pollution, to name a few.

I believe we can look forward to more and more environmental degradation and fewer or no resources to clean anything up. Don’t hold your breath for Republicans, federal or state level, to do anything.

I hope Trump supporters will remember the environment when they vote in 2020. It’s back to the 19th century. This is your and your children’s future.

Quit whining about pollution. You asked for it.

Terry Gibson

Lady’s Island

GOP wants to kill Social Security and Medicare benefits

It used to be that around election time Republicans started writing letters to the editor calling Democrats communists. It seems that there has been a downgrade to socialist.

So, someone is a socialist if they want to preserve Social Security and Medicare. Most, if not all, Republican senators and House members are on record calling for an end to those programs.

They call them entitlements. We pay for those programs. They are not free.

If you want to keep your Social Security and Medicare at the risk of being labeled a socialist, then vote for the party that wants to retain those programs. If you want them eliminated, go with the Republicans.

Republicans believe that if they can wipe out Medicare alone they can give the billionaires another huge tax cut.

Andrew W. Pracht

Hilton Head Island

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