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US must stop presidential fiats | Letters

During the most recent Democratic debate, Kamala Harris suggested that she would declare a national emergency and use federal power to enforce gun regulations that Congress will not approve, using the hole in our Constitution that President Donald Trump has opened.

One thing should be clear about this kind of strident approach: Our president is not a king. One man (or woman) should not have this kind of power in our democracy.

When the president is not from your chosen political ilk, you are at risk of having your rights quashed by decree. That is exactly what this nation’s Founders tried to forbid by including checks and balances in our governance.

Moreover, the next president will likely reverse his predecessor’s decrees, replacing them with his own, which will last only until he is likewise reversed by his (or her) replacement. This kind of repeated, vengeful political retaliation will not serve anyone well.

Liberals and conservatives do not agree about much these days, but we should agree that this is a dangerous and unacceptable abuse of power.

We need a Constitutional amendment to put an end to the possibility of this type of repeated denial of rights by fiat. I urge pressure on our legislators to close this loophole in our Constitution before it becomes a routine avenue for political retaliation and corruption.

Brian McWilliams

Hilton Head Island

Please use turn signals

Apparently, no one likes turn signals because very few drivers use them.

Why? Who knows?

Maybe it is too much of a physical or mental exercise. Why in heavens name would someone want to let other drivers, especially those behind them, know what their intentions are?

It is estimated that 57% of drivers (yes, it is that high) think signaling a turn is too cumbersome. Using a turn signal is the only way most of us can communicate with other drivers, letting other drivers know what we are going to do with our multi-thousand pound automobile, which in many cases is traveling over the speed limit.

Turn signals are required to be used in all states. Most state laws require motorists to signal 100 feet before making a turn. Drivers in the Lowcountry forget, or refuse, to signal lane changes and/or turns from one land to another.

Some old, classic cars may not have modern turn signals, so hand signals are required.

It is also estimated that the practice of not using turn signals is causing millions of accidents a year. Amazing.

Turning improperly is a major cause of collisions.

Just because someone is a tourist or a visitor is no reason to forget the rules of the road. Tourists and visitors are not exempt from the law.

Most accidents are not fun, so why not do everything reasonable to avoid one?

Clifton Jester


Evacuation worked

As a resident of Broad Creek Care Center at TidePointe on Hilton Head Island, I looked with horror at the idea of evacuating for Hurricane Dorian. Having participated in all four segments of the evacuation to Aiken and then Augusta, I must say that it was very well handled. It was fast and efficient. I am very grateful for all who helped me during this time.

Joseph Eagers

Hilton Head Island

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