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Hilton Head, take a page from Savannah for affordable housing | Letters

It would behoove the Town of Hilton Head Island to take a look at Savannah’s law of eminent domain. The city is using it to remove derelict structures and replace them with affordable single- and multi-family housing.

Kim Kachmann

Hilton Head Island

Change for rampant Hilton Head development comes in voting booth

Voters wondering who is at fault for the rampant development on Hilton Head Island have only to look in the mirror.

The present Town Council ran on a platform promising to promote business interests. The so-called “visioning process” identified the need to open up gated communities (enough of that stuff), and every candidate favored instead low-income housing projects so that businesses would not need to pay higher wages.

In addition, your mayor has stated that buying land to prevent development is no longer a priority. There are a number of conspicuous properties for sale on the William Hilton Parkway. Keep your eye out for the next gas station.

Council members emphasize their local roots, and you wonder why there is no zoning. Southerners traditionally are against zoning, which explains in part why Charles Fraser’s concept for Sea Pines struck the natives as an outlandish idea.

You elected these people, and now you are stuck with the outcome. Maybe in the next election cycle some candidates will emerge to save the dregs that will remain.

Bruce Maston

Hilton Head Island

It was the GOP that put politics ahead of the country

A recent letter that correctly quoted U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer came to a confusing and less than accurate conclusion.

Schumer did go on, with a bipartisan group of seven other senators, to present and get passed a comprehensive immigration bill in 2013. That bill passed the Senate by a 68 to 32 vote. It went on to the House of Representatives, where the Republican Speaker refused to bring it forward either for a committee or floor discussion.

Schumer wasn’t the one who preferred politics over country. It was the Republican Speaker of the House.

It is important that letters do not confuse us in the name of politics, but should help our community stay informed with open discussion based upon correct information.

Claire Sullivan


Basic questions for the $4.5M trash mountain debacle

A private corporation established a business to “recycle” construction waste at a Jasper County site.

This site was to operate under regulations of the federal EPA and South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Now we are informed in the newspaper that a clean-up of this burning, dangerous site will cost “we the taxpayers” in the range of $4.5 million.

Question: What were the EPA and DHEC doing to keep this from getting to this point?

The article states that this recyclable construction waste will now be transported to two landfills.

Question: Could this have been the path for this waste in the first place, saving us $4.5 million?

Help me, Rhonda.

Wayne Beavers


SC bipartisan opposition to offshore drilling a wonder of wonders

Wonder of wonders No. 1: Freshman Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham achieves the impossible by getting a majority of the House of Representatives to go on record as opposing Lowcountry offshore drilling.

Wonder of wonders No. 2: Republican Gov. Henry McMaster congratulates Rep. Cunningham on his unlikely success.

Keep up the bipartisan good work, gentlemen.

Roger Elmore


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