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SC Republican Party is a disgrace | Letters

I think it is an absolute disgrace that the South Carolina GOP has decided not to have a Republican primary out of respect and loyalty to President Donald Trump, who has done little to earn either. I thought we lived in a democracy where the people have an option.

Alison Shenkus


This Trump executive order on jobs works

Recently, President Donald Trump signed an executive order creating the National Council for the American Worker.

Unlike many bureaucratic moves and council creations, the goal of incentivizing companies to work with students to develop applicable skills has major promise.

The White House is urging the private sector to lead on the issue, rather than implementing burdensome, inefficient government mandates with little results.

There are “6.7 million unfilled jobs in the United States, and American workers, who are our country’s most valuable resource, need the skills training to fill them,” the executive order states.

“The executive branch works with private employers, educational institutions, labor unions, other non-profit organizations, and state, territorial, tribal, and local governments to update and reshape our education and job training landscape so that it better meets the needs of American students, workers, and businesses.”

“The roaring economy and the low unemployment is creating an unprecedented climate that’s creating opportunity for Americans who have jobs, for increased mobility and upward mobility and enhanced career opportunities. It’s creating opportunity for those who have been on the sidelines and who want that opportunity to enter the work force and find employment.

“For the first time in history, we have more job vacancies than unemployed people. There’s a skills mismatch that exists and so what can we do about it? As a federal government, we’re not very good — typically — at training, but we can leverage the knowledge of the private sector and we can say, be our partner and help us do better.”

Steve Dickler

Hilton Head Island

NRA holds Trump hostage

Days before the mass carnage that occurred in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, I wrote that President Donald Trump’s vitriol that vilifies the most vulnerable cannot be condoned, much less cheered.

It is frightening how prophetic these words were. As we know, the shooter at the El Paso Walmart directly quoted an often-repeated Trump rant.

Trump and his supporters deny any culpability, shifting the blame to the mentally ill. If they know there are people out there who are susceptible to his diatribe of hate, how can they escape the consequences?

It is saying something when Nikki Haley, loyal former cabinet member, admonished Trump for one of his dangerous tweets.

These horrific shooting incidents stirred the conscience of most all Americans, maybe even Trump. He tossed out that he may be for some form of meaningful background checks for the purchase of guns. But Trump stipulated that he likes Wayne (Wayne Lapierre, NRA chief) and Wayne must be respected. Wayne tells Trump that his base won’t like it. So, there we are.

Trump has had epiphanies of the soul before and conceded that guns in the wrong hands are a mortal danger to all of us. But his buddy Wayne LaPierre drove a wedge between his conscience and pocketbook, and nothing was done.

My bet is that LaPierre still holds Trump’s conscience hostage. Maybe our outrage should be directed to LaPierre and the NRA, rather than our president, who appears to be handicapped by a lack of courage.

Joseph J. Ohnstad

Hilton Head Island

What’ s next with Trump?

One can only guess the next pile of junk President Donald Trump will create.

Now the poor, devastated people of the Bahamas are all bad people (gangs and drug dealers) and don’t deserve help.

Who would’ve thought to grab your passport before fleeing, knowing you really had nowhere to go? Not to say that most of the citizens probably have never given a thought to leaving.

Not only is this policy evil, it is not Christian. Where is the so-called moral majority?

Next thing up: the Earth is flat and the sun rises in the west.

William Grant


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