Letters to the Editor

Thank-you letters

The Town of Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue Division equipment returning to Hilton Head Island following the evacuation for Hurricane Dorian.
The Town of Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue Division equipment returning to Hilton Head Island following the evacuation for Hurricane Dorian. Staff file photo

Hilton Head Island firefighters and neighbors champions when needed

On Friday morning, August 16, I got up early and left my home to drive a friend to MUSC. I got as far as Okatie when I received a phone call that my home had gone up in flames.

I was fortunate to get a ride back and arrived about 8:45a.m. to a fully active fire scene.

Several units of the Town of Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue were involved and the fire was already under control.

It was a horrible sight, but I will move on from that and move into gratitude for the extremely professional and effective performance by all of the firefighters from the Fire Chief on down.

I am especially grateful to one of the firefighter who helped me with my insurance. In my state of confusion, he helped me to locate my paperwork, call the insurance company and came back with a claim number and a contact telephone number. What a relief!

I would also like to thank my neighbors for their help and kindness. It is in times like this that you realize what a caring and supportive community we are fortunate enough to live in.

Richard Ducharme

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island medical professionals

After trying injections and alternatives, I realized I had to have a full knee replacement. This was overwhelming because I have always been active … running, walking, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and tennis.

Finally, this summer, I could not endure the pain and after consulting with Dr. John Gavin, I realized I had no other options and we scheduled the surgery.

I recently had the knee replacement surgery at Hilton Head Hospital. I can not explain the professionalism, the kindness and the courtesy of the entire staff. I did not truly realize that was just the beginning of a journey.

As Dr. Gavin told me, “You are in for a marathon, not a sprint.”

At the beginning of my recovery, I had a wonderful physical therapist come to my house. One week later, I began physical therapy at Lava and with the dedicated therapist Jeanine Russman. She has a unique ability to motivate and challenge every patient. If I say, “ I cannot do any more,” Jeanine says, “Give me a bit more.”

As Hurricane Dorian approached, I wondered what I would do without therapy. But no worries, Jeanine assured all her patients she would not evacuate. She did not evacuate and worked with patients every day.

This situation has made me realize how truly fortunate Hilton Head Island is to have these dedicated, experienced, professional medical people.

This letter is just to acknowledge the professional, dedicated medical staff on our island.

Karen Roscioli

Grade 4 Teacher

Head Elementary School

Town of Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the firefighters of Station 6 on Hilton Head Island for their hospitality and friendliness during my ride-along on a recent Saturday morning. My experience was both interesting and memorable. I now have a much greater understanding and appreciation of the equipment, services, dangers and extensive training required to become a firefighter. I feel very safe in my world with what I learned.

Gordon Fair

Hilton Head Island

Help for Beaufort Junior Golf Association

I am a PGA Life Member and I am the co-chairman (Jeff Abrams is other chair) of the Beaufort Junior Golf Association (BJGA). I wanted to say a few things about golf in the Lowcountry and thank some people who are keeping the game alive.

The BGJA is an affiliate program of the SC Golf Association. We had over 40 kids participate this summer in our tournament program (next year our goal is 60). The summer program consisted of seven tournaments and a championship at Seabrook Island.

I want to thank the participating courses and staff: TGC at Pleasant Point, Congaree Club, The Legends at Parris Island, Callawassie, Dataw Island, Lady’s Island CC, and Fripp Island Resort.

I would also like to recognize a couple of title sponsors: “A” Coursey Memorial Golf Tournament and Beaufort Charities. Without the help of courses and sponsors our tournament schedule would not be possible.

Lastly, I want to thank Jeff Abrams for all of his help this summer and look forward to many more.

Jeff Pinckney

St. Helena Island

Guardian angels when two tires blew out

I want to thank the people of Beaufort and surrounding towns for the wonderful assistance I received when I blew out both of the right side tires of my Chrysler 200 on July 20th on the Loop of I-95 and U.S. 17.

Within moments of the occurrence, a Jasper County patrolman was on the scene helping me contact a local towing service through AAA. I did not get his name, but he stayed right behind me with his lights revolving so I didn’t get hit while waiting on the loop.

After Thomas Ross from Beaufort Towing arrived, the officer left. Thomas not only researched where to tow me for new tires — it was near 6 p.m. when he arrived — he got me to the Walmart Store #1383 and helped me decide on the type of replacement tires to get. And the Auto Service Center reps, Shaneque, who rang up the bill, and Shaquan, who did the work, were extremely professional and helpful.

I was able to return to Central Florida safely from the writing conference I attended in Allentown, Pennsylvania, thanks to these individuals’ care and concern. Indeed, I hope to stay in Beaufort on my next journey up north. Most sincerely,

Marisa Moks-Unger

Winter Haven, Florida

Long Cove Club Community Endowment Fund

A special thank you is extended to Long Cove Club Community Endowment Fund within the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. A special grant has been awarded to Second Helpings, a Hilton Head nonprofit agency servicing Beaufort, Hampton and Jasper counties. This grant will fund the development of a new website by Triad Design Group in Bluffton. Second Helpings is the first step in obtaining fresh food from local food donors and distributing the food to over 57 agencies.

Lili Coleman

Executive Director

Second Helpings

Bill Diello helps couple in dire need

I just want to recognize the kindness of someone who helped two people — one almost 90 and another almost 75 — with a significant problem as they had no one to solve the problem. We had five (!) fire alarms beeping. We needed to change the batteries and, with no family in the area and our age, we were unable to change the batteries. During our spring “checkup” for our heating and air conditioning system by Bill Diello, he offered to help us. We had a plethera of batteries to quiet the beeping and Bill quickly and smoothly replaced the batteries. Many thanks to his kindness.

Carl and Nancy Munzig