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So much for Hilton Head promise of ‘residents first’ | Letters

The Town of Hilton Hedad Island has assessed the damage from Hurricane Dorian and announced that it is not sufficient to justify helping residents with their cleanup. Take it to the recycling center or burn it, they said. You are on your own.

At the same time, the town announced that it has approved a $175,000 donation to the Hilton Head Island Bluffton Chamber of Commerce to pay for advertising to help the hotels get their business back.

So much for the promise of “residents first” heard so frequently during the election campaign.

Chris Garmston

Hilton Head Island

Have Beaufort County and Hilton Head leaders lost the way?

Recent letters addressed issues facing residents of Beaufort County.

Has the region lost its way, has governmental leadership lost the way, or has the preponderance of residents signaled a preference for a “new way”?

As stated, “We have excellent beaches, spectacular views, abundant wildlife, family-friendly accommodations and great eateries.” Many prefer this situation, but has the majority moved on?

Or, has a group of governmental and business leaders crafted a different destiny for Hilton Head Island? Your newspaper reports interesting decisions by governmental bodies. Have family and business relationships motivated decisions rather than the interests of residents?

It was asked if zoning “really exists under the current system.” Governmental leadership regularly approves rezoning. What are the impacts on all residing here?

A writer indicated “with leadership comes responsibility.” This was directed to school board but applies to all leaders. A statement indicated, “It is your responsibility to lead while bringing the board to cooperative resolutions in all matters.”

There are leaders in government who cannot resolve interpersonal differences and disputes and put aside personal interests. Is it time for them to move on voluntarily to a different role? Residents of our region must achieve representation of whatever the preponderance of residents believe. Based on the news of the past several years, is there a disconnect between interests of residents and of governmental leaders and entrepreneurs?

A writer signaled a message to leaders — “it is your responsibility to be part of a positive effort to improve.” What is “improvement,” and for whom?

Robert V. Cummings

Hilton Head Island

Yes, President Obama excelled in many way, and all of it with class

A recent letter stated: “In contrast, name just one serious accomplishment during President Obama’s eight years in office.”

When President Barack Obama was inaugurated in 2009, he was handed a recession, referred to by economists as the “Great Recession” because it was the most devastating economic crises since the Great Depression in the 1930s.

At the end of Obama’s eight years in office, the unemployment rate plummeted from 10.4% when he took office to 4.8% when he left office, attaining a record 75 straight months of job increases.

The Dow Jones nearly tripled from 6,800 to 20,000.

Obama’s record-setting job streak and the Dow’s tripling meets any reasonable definition of accomplishment.

This economic accomplishment, as well as his others, were achieved while maintaining the dignity and integrity of the office of president.

With his bright intelligence and broad vocabulary, Obama did not find it necessary to stoop to despicable mockery of the disabled; demeaning name-calling; or the use of language that is offensive, insulting, abusive, denigrating, belittling or disrespectful.

Obama did not resort to what literate and responsible people call embarrassing, childish, immature and bullying language and behavior.

Rather, President Obama used style and class.

Calvin Jordan


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