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Crowded Coligny: Tourists swarm the beach over Memorial Day weekend

With sunny skies and temperatures nearing 90 degrees, the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend 2017was the perfect day to go to the beach. Here's a mid-afternoon look at the Coligny Beach.
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With sunny skies and temperatures nearing 90 degrees, the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend 2017was the perfect day to go to the beach. Here's a mid-afternoon look at the Coligny Beach.

I don’t live on Hilton Head Island but I own a timeshare here and have been coming here for 30 years because of the serenity of the island.

I have never traded my timeshare for another place because I believe Hilton Head is a very unique place.

I am terribly disappointed by the recent decision to allow an outdoor go-kart track on the island. I am surprised that it was passed unanimously by the zoning appeals board. It portends similar decisions that will erode the essence of what Hilton Head is.

If everyone on the zoning board believes it was a good decision, I predict that Hilton Head will lose what makes it unique over the next 10 years. I doubt that a single family will choose Hilton Head as a destination because of a go-kart track. I do believe that many families choose to come here precisely because it a great place to escape and enjoy the natural beauty. Those people may not find it so attractive in the future.

Ron Midden

Chesterfield, Missouri

America, pay attention to the horrible lesson the people of Hong Kong are learning

Hong Kong was doomed, but not when the Union Jack was swapped for the five-star red flag on July 1, 1997. With an economy equivalent to 27% of China’s GDP, Hong Kong was too critical in Deng Xiaoping’s grand “Open Door” experiment to be meddled with. The Basic Law guaranteed the former British colony’s autonomous status for 50 years.

Its fate was sealed when the territory’s GDP shrank to a fraction of that of its giant neighbor in the early 2000s. Beijing soon lost patience with the “One Country Two Systems” principles.

From 2003, China launched multiple attempts to insert its influence in school curriculum, freedom of association, and local elections. The latest extradition bill, which would subject Hong Kong residents to China’s opaque criminal proceedings, inspired today’s massive protests.

Western media often tout the movement as pro-democracy. To Hong Kong people, it is also about preserving their identity – a way of life forged over a century meshing Chinese traditions with British institutions.

Most of the demonstrators were born after the handover. They consider themselves “Chinese,” but not of China. They are agitated by the mainlanders, who took over their schools, hospitals, and priced them out of real estate markets. Now China’s aggression has infringed on their individual freedom. This time, it is personal.

Hong Kong’s tragedy should serve as a sober reminder to countries and regions that rely too much on China for trade and infrastructure finance. China’s meddling in their domestic affairs is not a question of if, but when.

Xiaodan Li

Hilton Head Island

Recession talk nothing but a leftist (Democratic) political ploy

“A self-fulfilling prophecy.” Lately, the mainstream media has been promoting the idea that America is heading toward a recession.

This in spite of the fact that the economy is strong, there is a record reduction in regulations, there is record employment, unemployment is at all-time lows and there are more job openings than people to fill them.

That is only a few of the many benefits we are enjoying since Donald Trump became our president less than three years ago.

It is now becoming apparent that the left (aka the Democrats) want the economy to fail in order to discredit Trump’s major achievements, and hope that it causes him to lose reelection. (Please Google “President Trumps 289 Accomplishments.” The accuracy will surprise you.)

In contrast, name just one serious accomplishment during President Barack Obama’s eight years in office. Perhaps start with Obamacare?

How shameful that an American political party and its willing partners in the mainstream media would wish to destroy our economy for the sake of taking America back to the failed years of the recent past.

“Beware of false prophets.”

Tom Hatfield

Hilton Head Island

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