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Here’s what 35 years of development looks like for Hilton Head, Bluffton

Google Earth shows satellite images of Hilton Head Island and Bluffton back to 1984. Take a look at how the area's been developed over the last 35 years — and how the coastline has changed.
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Google Earth shows satellite images of Hilton Head Island and Bluffton back to 1984. Take a look at how the area's been developed over the last 35 years — and how the coastline has changed.

Go-karts on Hilton Head Island have become a contentious issue. But the real issue is not go-karts. It is zoning and a lack of it.

Charles Fraser had a vision. Most of us moved here because of it. Now is the time to restudy that vision and create a new master plan for our island. Our town fathers need to oversee the zoning board to update our Land Management Ordinance and assure that our ordinances are specific, complete, and in line with the character of Hilton Head.

The go-kart property is a perfect example. It is located on Marshland Road, which is mostly residential. The road is unlighted, with one lane in each direction. On this road you will find children playing, bikers riding, people jogging, and school buses transporting students.

The go-kart property is zoned WMU (Waterfront Mixed-Use), originally because of the Broad Creek Marina. Then ZipLine Hilton Head got approval to build. Now they want to build an outdoor go-kart track and other facilities, turning it into a family recreation center.

Is a noisy, intrusive, commercial recreation center appropriate in the middle of a residential area? I think not. This approval will open Pandora’s box to the risk of inappropriate facilities being built in other WMU districts.

This issue is important for all of us. The LMO and zoning regulations need updating and expansion. We need to address it before it is too late. Hilton Head is rated as a No. 1 island for a reason — let’s preserve that.

Judy Kane

Hilton Head Island

It’s all about his own grandeur

OK. I will apologize. Somebody has to, and “he” certainly won’t. It is not part of his DNA. “I made a mistake” or “I apologize” are not in his dictionary. He has never said them and never will. To his mind, it is a sign of weakness. The truth does not matter. Setting good examples for coming generations are is not on his bucket list.

What am I talking about? The recent offer by “him” to buy Greenland is yet another example of his going out of his way to alienate our friends abroad. In this case, the government of Denmark. A small country with warm people who respect and love the United States and its people. It does not matter. “He” likely equates this as another real estate “deal.” What is next? Perhaps he envisions the Eifel Tower in Manhattan or Big Ben in Washington. It does not matter. It is all about grandeur for him.

Apparently, what he does not know is that the people of Denmark and their government have a much greater degree of respect and appreciation. They demonstrate that each July Fourth when they too celebrate our independence day. But “he” would not know that … or care.

Raymond Dias


Yes, let’s slow down and take the anger out of the Lowcountry

I enjoyed the letter to the editor titled “Slow down, there’s no rush.”

Lately, this opinion page has been bashing the president, presidential candidates, senators, congressmen, school superintendents, high school principals, erratic drivers, beach litterers, you name it. It seems that we are very angry.

I am Southern bred, living my entire life in the Carolinas and Georgia. I know how to be polite and how to make strangers feel welcome. I savor our Southern lifestyle.

I also have experienced the hustle-bustle style of living that exists up North. My husband is a Yankee, and being from a large Northeastern city, he gets a little rough around the edges from time to time ... bless his heart. We have a sign on our porch that reads: “A Little Bit Yankee, A Little Bit Y’all.”

I do think that it is time to slow down, stop rushing around, and enjoy our Lowcountry life. Just let all of the anger go and live by the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Have a blessed day, y’all.

Donna P. Bryant


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