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Beaufort County employers, it’s up to you to get workers to the job | Letters

I remember the good old days when the seafood industry and agriculture employed many people in Beaufort County. The farmers – there probably 10 or 12 or more – brought labor from all over the Lowcountry. We all had a fleet of old school buses that the state had worn out.

As for our farm, we ran buses form Jacksonboro, Walterboro, Allendale and points in between. There was no government assistance. We needed workers, we brought them to work at our expense.

Employers should be thankful that labor is available. Bring them to work.

Claude McLeod


More and more gun laws won’t solve it

Many recent letters and columns in this newspaper have said that the Second Amendment is obsolete, outdated, and should just be ignored.

What these writers fail to realize is that the right to bear arms is not to allow for hunting or target practice. Time and again the courts have ruled that police have no duty to protect anyone. Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

So, like it or not, the people have the right and duty to protect themselves and their family and the Second Amendment provides the means to do so, and also to protect ourselves from the tyranny of the state if that should ever be called for. I know that is a scary thought, however it is the truth.

The call now is for more laws and restrictions that will not be obeyed by criminals and the mentally ill. When they fail — and they will — to prevent more horrendous attacks, then what? More and more laws that are only obeyed by law-abiding gun owners.

Lawrence V. Francese


Where’s GOP on $1T deficit?

“Don’t know much about the math I took,” but I do know that deficit spending means debt, which is the difference between what I have to spend and what I owe.

I read in your newspaper that the U.S. deficit is predicted to exceed $1 trillion next year. This is so un-Republican!

I feel Sen. Lindsey Graham, and the rest of Congress, are being bullied to keep quiet by a president whose private business history reportedly is littered with bankruptcies.

Graham must represent all of us in South Carolina. He must stop blindly riding on the coattails of imbalance, because there’s nothing there. He should accept and spread the word that many of us know — the emperor wears no clothes.

Susan Baukhages


The real pity of the Sea Pines vote

According to a recent Hilton Head Island letter writer, the much-ballyhooed recent Sea Pines referendum received a 72% approval rate, but still lost with “about 100 votes against.”

He was perturbed that one of those who voted against was bragging on the victory, notwithstanding that it represented only 28% of the votes.

A far more poignant — and disturbing — criticism might be to acknowledge that, for all the fanfare, those numbers mean that fewer than 360 Sea Pines residents actually voted.

Pity ... that.

Herb Zimmerman


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