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Hilton Head faith communities must address gun violence | Letters

I am sharing this letter to my church in the hope all Hilton Head Island faith communities will put prayer into action. The victims of gun violence are someone’s child, parent, sibling, friend and neighbor.

Dear Father:

As a church, we are asked to pray for the unborn. The Catholic Church has lobbyists who work in Washington, D.C., to oppose abortion. Isn’t it time our church acts to protect the innocent lives lost to gun violence?

This is not a political issue … It is a moral issue and, without a doubt, the most important moral issue of our time. It is an issue which must be addressed from the pulpit. I implore you and our entire church to demand sensible gun control.

How can we turn our backs and remain silent at the loss of so many innocent lives? Prayers are critical but action is vital. God gave us a free will. We need to use it for the greater good.

The Church has a responsibility to protect all lives … the unborn and the innocent lives of everyone. In El Paso, both parents of a newborn were killed. This infant is now an orphan.

Use the power of faith to reclaim our country’s sanity and civility. The Holy Spirit is calling all of us to action.


Sharon Weinlein

Hilton Head Island

Don’t lose pieces to the American puzzle

Remember the words: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

For generations, these words have stimulated immigrants to come to America and seek better lives.

Even before Emma Lazarus’ wrote these welcoming words, my grandparents crossed, not unwelcoming deserts, but a stormy Atlantic Ocean to reach America’s welcoming shores.

My gggg-grandmother escaped persecution in a Swiss jail, risking all she had traveling with her family over the Swiss Alps, down the Rhine River, and across the ocean to give her children free lives.

One of my gggggg-grandfathers, a farmer, hired onto a sailing ship to bring his wife and son to Charleston. When he fell from the rigging in a storm and washed overboard. My grandmother was sold as an indentured servant to pay for the last half of their passage.

Then, she and her 6-year-old son walked more than 200 miles to Liberty, North Carolina, to find refuge with relatives. Their young son carried his DNA to America to become a part of me.

Immigrants of today are still braving danger to escape terror and bring hope for their children. Their descendants will have opportunities to be productive pieces in this American puzzle. You all know how terrible it is when a piece to your puzzle is missing.

Jim Riggs

Hilton Head Island

How the left destroys nation

Being called a racist is so over-used by the Democrats that it has become meaningless.

Now they are even calling each other racists. They have begun to eat their own.

It doesn’t matter that one likes and respects people of color. It’s that we must embrace those individuals of their choosing. Black Americans who do not accept the left’s hate are called every vile name in the book. They can speak ill of our friends and those we support, but you dare not do the same of theirs or they and their media puppets will attempt to crush you. Interestingly, they ignore the savage anti-Semitism that is now ingrained in their party and those who choose to follow their dictates. Mainstream media ... silent.

We must realize that we are in a real war here with an extremely radical mob that literally hates our country. With the assistance of the mainstream media, it’s their goal to destroy everything we stand for. Using racism is only one of their many tools. Who would have thought 20 or so years ago that today communists, socialists and fascists would band together to take control of the Democratic Party. They now control much of our educational system, our major media outlets and a big part of our government. The wolves not only have their foot in the door, now it’s their whole body.

Journalists, it’s time to re-read your code of ethics.

Richard Fordyce


Lying Trump leads to a tragic state

“Liar, liar, your pants are on fire.”

We didn’t care that the phrase was an illogical untruth because it was effective. If you lied, you got called out, in public, in front of your friends. If you admitted the lie, things quickly returned to normal. If you didn’t, you were banished (“we don’t play with liars”) for the day or longer, depending on the lie.

In that simple way, you learned the importance of truth from your childhood friends.

I thought about that a while back when I saw a brief mention that, since he took office, our current president had been fact-checked as having communicated 10,000 lies to the public, some of small consequence, many of national and international significance.

Now, I don’t know if that is 10,000 different lies, or includes variations of the same lie, or if it counts the same lie when told over and over. However, I do know that’s a lot of burned pants!

But on a more somber note, isn’t it tragic how far we have strayed from those fundamental American (and also Christian) values of truth, honesty, ethics and morals?

Recently, I saw another news note that a Christian organization had pledged $50 million to the reelection campaign of the current president. I hope that’s a lie.

Richard Wallace


Slow down, there’s no rush

More than 20 years ago, my family came down from the North to Hilton Head Island.

As most folks do, we went to the market to stock up. As I was checking out, I thought I would speed things up and so I very quickly unloaded the carriage and the cashier stopped the conveyor belt. She spoke calmly: “Do not rush me, child. I have my job and you have yours.”

This was my introduction to living a slower lifestyle. When it was time for me to depart, the cashier told me to have a “blessed day.”

Folks up North have to move quickly in order to stay warm. Whether you are from the North or Canada, neither place has as much sunshine as South Carolina.

Also, the heat is on right now and you cannot rush because you would be soaking wet.

Also, there are many churches here. I attended one with a dear Southern friend, and what an introduction to gospel music that was. When they sang, the floor was vibrating. It was an experience I will never forget.

South Carolina has many farms, offering okra, tomatoes, berries. I try to support the local farm stands, with produce so fresh and so good for you.

I consider myself so blessed to live in South Carolina, where nothing could be finer. I hope to stay put for some time.

There is something for everyone here. Enjoy your journey. We only go this way once, “so don’t rush me child.”

Maureen F. Wilson


Job market needs the help

Driving from Bluffton to Asheville, North Carolina, we noticed the number of businesses looking for employees.

We also read about local places closing early due to lack of employees.

I wonder how much of this is the immigration push. Many of those who want to come in legally could help fill many of these positions.

They aren’t making others lose jobs. They would fill empty slots.

Mark Larson

Sun City

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