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Keep Hilton Head special: First go-karts, and then what? | Letters

A go-kart track has been approved by the Town of Hilton Head Island. These go-karts may not represent the exact model proposed for Hilton Head.
A go-kart track has been approved by the Town of Hilton Head Island. These go-karts may not represent the exact model proposed for Hilton Head. released

I am so sad to see our beloved values of Hilton Head Island slowly diminished. I am against the go-kart track on Hilton Head. I keep seeing this beautiful island eroded.

To me, it does not matter that these go-karts are electric and may be quiet, but it is the development that matters to me. Today it may be go-karts, tomorrow who knows?

When we moved here, which was not that long-ago, lots could not be clear-cut, large live oaks were never removed, and buildings were no higher than our highest tree. Today, a hotel is being built that will be taller than the trees and an entire area was clear-cut for a development. Today, go-karts, tomorrow a race car track. If you did it for one, you need to do it for all.

Please do not allow this to continue, and keep Hilton Head special.

When there was that oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, many tourists came here. In talking with the owners of small shops, they hated those tourists. They told me that they had more merchandise stolen that summer than ever, and all they did was complain about not having the all-you-can-eat restaurants and boardwalks. I love our great restaurants, with great food, and will hate to see them go the way of Myrtle Beach all-you-can-eat junk places, and Coligny turned into a boardwalk.

Sherrie Mikrut

Hilton Head Island

Family lore sometimes doesn’t pass the DNA test

Did your ears “perk up” when you heard Elizabeth Warren believed she had a Native American ancestor? Mine did.

When my Uncle Nat talked about an Indian great-great-grandmother, I was a spellbound child. He, as well as my mother’s second brother and sister, looked Indian and their father was born near Hopkinsville, where a northern Trail of Tears route crossed Kentucky. A Native American ancestor — perhaps a Cherokee — seemed possible.

As an adult, when ancestry entered the conversation, I shared our family’s Indian story. As soon as I learned how to get my DNA examined, I did.

I was so disappointed when none of my DNA matched Native Americans’ in that database. After reviewing my “ethnicity estimate,” I had to surmise my Kentucky ancestor looked Indian because of genes for dark eyes, skin and hair inherited from ancestors in southern Italy or Spain or — maybe — Gypsies from Eastern Europe.

When Donald Trump calls Sen. Warren “Pocahontas,” snickers, then implies she lied about her Native American ancestry, I feel more than just annoyed. You see, I know Elizabeth Warren simply believed a family story — like I had.

The difference is her family story was based on truth because Elizabeth Warren’s DNA indicated possible matches. I am trying so very hard to not be envious.

J.C. Compton


Answer to America’s mass killings quite simple

Sick, twisted, demented …that’s what I call those who choose gun rights over the right to life.

We have thoughts and prayers (again), and the usual round of “Red Flag” laws, or “more thorough background checks,” or more “mental institutions,” when the answer is simple.

Ban assault-style weapons. Ban high-capacity clips. Get them off the streets and out of the hands of non-military individuals.

Stop pandering to those who claim constitutional protection. Plain and simple, the Framers of the Constitution could never have envisioned the evolution of weapons of war, coupled with the lack of evolution on the part of humanity.

Perhaps owning a weapon of mass destruction compensates for feelings of powerlessness or inadequacy, or it’s just “cool,” it doesn’t matter to me. If America was a civilized country of intelligent people, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Just ban the things.

If you want one, then join a “well-regulated state militia.”

Otherwise, I say you do not have a right to own or possess a weapon capable of such slaughter.

Life should trump gun rights.

Hal Cherry

Hilton Head Island

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