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Lower the speed crossing the bridge to Hilton Head | Letters

As a resident of Windmill Harbour, I support the immediate need for a safe entry and exit to and from our community – for residents, visitors and staff.

The heavy traffic on U.S. 278 is made worse by vehicles speeding downhill and around a curve as they leave the Graves Bridge toward Hilton Head Island.

Until the Jenkins Island Safety Project is a reality, I suggest that SCDOT post a 45 mph sign at the beginning of the bridge as well as on the other side of the bridge, replacing a 50 mph sign that is currently posted.

Using a traffic radar display showing the speed of each vehicle would also help. I’m told that a request to place an officer in the area has been declined because it is too dangerous (!).

Mary Woodmansee Green

Hilton Head Island

Mental illness is not the cause of America’s gun violence

It is often said that murderers are “crazy,” and if we could only treat them before they kill another(s) with their gun, the crime could be prevented. As a retired clinical psychologist, I can see a number of problems with this belief.

Firstly, at least 90% of all killers are not psychotic, and would not be judged mentally ill.

Murderers are usually angry and hateful, but so is a good deal of the population. (Examples: domestic, gang and ethnically-motivated murders, just to name a few.)

Secondly, how does one get a mentally ill person to a psychologist for diagnosis?

A person cannot be forced to go for a psychological evaluation, nor can he or she be forced to go for psychological treatment.

Thirdly, most mass murderers seem normal to others; maybe as loners or perhaps even having some quirks, but heck, these criteria apply to a good deal of citizens.

And lastly, there is no evidence that Americans have more mental illnesses than people of other countries, so that if mental illness were the cause of mass killings, we should see a roughly equivalent number of mass killings in other countries, and we do not.

Even with political mass killers like Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and Kim Jong Un, is there any evidence of mental illness? Evilness yes, but not psychopathology.

To believe that the crime itself is evidence of mental illness would be circular reasoning and has no predictive or preventative value.

Charles A. Moss


Trump tarrifs are a tax on everyone

Regardless of what the Liar in Chief tweets, China does not pay Trump’s tariffs. Whoever buys the stuff, you and me, do.

But not a word from “bootlick” Lindsey Graham or Tim Scott or Joe “You Lie” Wilson. Thanks to Trump, this is a record year for farm bankruptcies yet the farmers still support the guy who stole their farm. Go figure.

Where is Grover Norquist when you need him? Trump’s tariffs are a tax on everyone in the USA, and not a peep from Mr. No More Taxes or his lying GOP anti-tax party. To quote Simon and Garfunkle: “ ‘Fools’ said I, ‘You do not know/ Silence like a cancer grows.’ ”

Imagine the self-righteous GOP outrage if Obama had done self-defeating nonsense like the current “Trump trade war.”

The Trump/GOP rich-guy tax break has increased the national debt by over $2 trillion. That’s another tax increase for those of us who actually pay taxes, unlike the Liar in Chief. Grover, where are you? Sounds of silence.

Gary L. Cadle

St. Helena Island