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Make Bluffton developers pay more | Letters

I can’t understand why the governing body of Bluffton does not enact ordinances requiring all developers to contribute to infrastructure needs, workforce housing needs, tree-replacement needs, school needs, etc., whenever a development application is considered.

This is done in many states, including the densely-populated state of New Jersey, where I came from, and another tourist destination state, Colorado, where I visit and own property.

We are missing the boat to receive funds from these developers who are placing demands on our services to contribute their fair share. Has anyone even looked into this and, if so, why aren’t we doing something?

I have personal experience in these types of ordinances both as a municipal attorney and a developer’s attorney, and they work. It is not the cure-all, but certainly a partial solution to the problem.

Dennis Crawford

Hilton Head Island

Lindsey Graham’s move in congressional race not a ‘GOP plot’

Why do so many readers get upset with the Packet’s failure to present both sides of a story and not just misleading headlines?

Here’s another example.

Recently the Packet blasted U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham with the headline, “Graham joins GOP plot to oust an SC Democrat.” How dare he do such a dastardly, underhanded, immoral, evil act. The nerve of him to do such a thing!

Apparently, this practice is fairly common. How do I know? Further down in the same story, it says so: “In many ways, Graham’s wading into a race not his own is nothing new.” It goes on to cite other examples. Some plot!

Do the headline writers even read the stories?

Will the Packet keep us informed about the fundraising operations of U.S. Rep. Abigail Spanberger? Who?

She is a congresswoman from Virginia’s 7 th District who, according to Rollcall.com, “… has also formed a joint fundraising committee with South Carolina Rep. Joe Cunningham.” I bet you see another “plot” forming.

We all know the Republican attempt to unseat “Say it ain’t so” Joe Cunningham will be heated and expensive.

Are you confident our hometown newspaper will be all over the amount of “outside money” the candidates will be taking in to influence your vote?

Richard Geraghty


When we act like politicians

The Republican and Democratic politicians in Congress are not compromising and working effectively for citizens of our country.

Perhaps if we could get our politicians to look at the news presented by both Fox and MSNBC, they would likely find the truth is somewhere between the two points of view. Fox speaks about Trump as if he never made a bad decision and MSNBC is very critical of many things that Trump says and does.

I have several friends and neighbors who do not read The Island Packet because it contains “liberal” articles written by The New York Times. There are plenty of articles in our local newspaper that inform us about Beaufort County and our state that don’t occur in national newspapers and may benefit us if we read them. In this regard, we are very similar to the politicians that we elected.

I don’t have much hope that my few suggestions will be accepted by many. We will continue to have a dysfunctional government.

Richard Clapp

Hilton Head Island

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