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Beaufort County school board nickel-and-dime disputes overblown by the newspaper | Letters

I spent my career as an editor at some fine newspapers, so I’ve absorbed a little about investigative reporting. I know, for example, that a school board consulting its attorney and not saying why is not a top-of-the-front-page scandal. With exceptions, personnel matters usually are – and should be – private.

The paper did a good job throwing light on the missteps of the former superintendent. But he is gone, as are almost all the school board members who hired him. Let’s move along.

Education coverage does not begin and end with nitpicking school board meetings. It requires shoe-leather reporting.

Tell readers whether the schools are overcrowded, whether facilities are adequate, whether the schools are working for those who are college-bound and not, for those who are native English speakers and not, for those who come from well-to-do families and not. Tell us whether the kids are learning anything.

That’s investigative reporting, not nickel-and-dime disputes between a reporter and the school board.

Joe Distelheim

Hilton Head Island

It’s time to trust the Beaufort County school board

Rather than broadly perpetuating the atmosphere of distrust, let’s start with the premise that the new school board and superintendent will endeavor to do their jobs with the highest moral integrity and to the best of their abilities.

I’m not saying oversight is unnecessary, but as we’ve learned from our recent past, an adversarial relationship is destructive and will not serve our students, whose futures are being determined by the quality of their education.

Jacque Montgomery

Hilton Head Island

This is not the Bluffton we fell in love with less than five years ago

We relocated to Bluffton four and a half years ago. We loved everything about the area – the people, the location and the quaintness of the community.

Now, everywhere you go in Bluffton more trees are coming down and the out-of-control building continues.

It’s obvious that local government hasn’t given any thought to the infrastructure, only the dollars.

New schools are already overcrowded, there are not enough teachers and our roads are a mess and dangerous.

A good example of this is S.C. 46 – a single-lane road that can’t handle the current traffic flow. If you drive at the speed limit on S.C. 46, you will have cars passing over double lines and tailgating. We have actually witnessed cars passing a stopped school bus (stop signs out and lights flashing) and seconds later a child walks in front of the bus to cross the road.

This is no longer the Bluffton we fell in love with and that’s sad.

Charles and Patricia Filkoski


Lowcountry bus commuters deserve support

Katharine Kokal’s Colleton County commuter piece should have been above the fold. It’s disappointing that the photo and story of these these hardworking, dedicated folks took second place to a dead pedophile.

Major kudos, however, to the Packet and to Katherine Kokal for an informative, important and well-crafted article. And may God bless Audrey Stephens.

Let’s hope this article is a wake-up call to fiscal decision makers and to employers in Colleton, Jasper and Beaufort counties: Responsible people are sacrificing serious chunks of their time to work and provide services in our communities. The very least our representatives and employers can do is fund the minimal requisite transportation costs. Please, don’t even think of defunding the Breeze.

The highest form of wisdom is kindness.

Rosemary Walter Hrinko


Keep tweeting, President Trump

The leftists (all Democrats) have finally driven me to write a letter.

What happened to Russia? Where is U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff’s proof of President Donald Trump’s conspiracy, and why is he still in Congress?

Where are the police when a citizen’s home is put in jeopardy? Where are the police when the Antifa group marches and attacks innocent citizens?

When did fascism become theirs, because that is exactly what they are: fascists. U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a mad person, period.

CNN has given up all pretenses of being a news organization and is a public arm of the Democratic Party.

I could go on ad infinitum. The left wants Trump to stop tweeting. President Trump, please continue to tweet. Otherwise we, still free people, will get lies from the media.

Fernand LaBranche


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