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Better option for restroom on Sun City Hilton Head golf course | Letters

Setting aside for a moment the snarky comments by the secretary of the Sun City Community Association Board of Directors regarding what “rights” the association has with certain of its real properties, I offer a solution to the issue of where a “comfort station” should be constructed for use by golfers playing on Argent Lakes Golf Course.

First of all, a site presently under consideration in close proximity to the green of Hole No. 12, is not the best site for the facility for golfers. I say that as one who knows the location of every rest area on Interstate 95 from Exit 8 to the New Jersey state line.

Instead of building a comfort station so close to the short par-4 10th and the two short par-3 holes, numbers 11 and 12, where “relief” can be gotten at the pro shop, I urge the association to locate a comfort station closer to where the course golf cart path crosses Sgt. William Jasper Boulevard North between holes No. 16 and 17. There is, currently, some yet-unimproved land in that area.

The comfort station would be built and in place long before new housing would be finished in the immediate vicinity and it certainly could be built in a manner conducive to good neighborliness. Equally important, it would be located at a site where golfers are more likely to be in need of “relief” than at the site between Holes 12 and 13.

Raymond Stone

Sun City

House must move to impeach Trump

Robert Mueller bombed in his latest TV performance. At least that’s what the consensus of the talking heads is. Theatrics are obviously more important these days than substance. But if you believe the spin that our president and his enablers have put on Mueller’s investigation, report and testimony, then you may be in for more than just a headache.

Anyone who read Mueller’s 448 page report or listened carefully to Mueller’s testimony and the readings from his report by Judiciary and Intelligence Committee members can have no doubt that the Russians interfered with our 2016 presidential election, and that Donald Trump’s campaign wholeheartedly embraced Russian assistance.

Nor can it be disputed that the president and his henchmen attempted to obstruct and interfere with the investigation (citing at least 10 instances). And Trump continues to intervene by instructing present and former government employees to ignore lawfully-issued subpoenas from Congressional committees.

Mueller says that he found no “conspiracy” with Russia (but not “no collusion”) and he could not exonerate the president of obstruction of justice. In the opinion of a thousand present and former prosecutors, anyone who had committed the same acts of obstruction would be indicted.

Our Constitution directs the House to impeach the president if he commits “... other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Mueller’s investigation has uncovered “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The House must move to impeach. They must not avoid their constitutional duty merely because it is unlikely that the Republican Senate majority will convict, no matter what the facts are.

Avrom Gold

Hilton Head Island

Trump haters, start thinking for yourselves

Stop! Enough! Trump haters, I’m talking to you.

It’s time you stop throwing a tantrum and face the truth. The elitist snobs in the media, academia, entertainment industry and Democrat Party have lied to all of us for decades. They want power and influence. They want everyone to kowtow to them and their ideas. They are fascists, demanding that we all accept their beliefs and fall in line behind them. And if we don’t, they will attack us, demean us, lie about us, resort to character assassination.

Why? Because their ideas and beliefs are indefensible. They cannot win on the merits of their policies so they attack the very character of their opponents. This is especially the mantra of the Democratic Party.

People of this ilk are completely responsible for electing President Donald Trump because they’ve been brain-washed by these elite snobs who have run our country for far too long and those of us who still have free-will and can think independently, finally voted to drain the swamp.

So, Trump haters, wake up and listen to some other voices besides the Democratic Party’s mouthpieces, CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS/NBC/NYT/Washington Post, etc. You’d be surprised how often these Pravda-like propaganda entities lie to us overtly and by omission.

So, Trump haters, pull your thumbs out of your mouths, change your diapers, and start thinking for yourselves instead of regurgitating your puppet-masters’ words.

Tom Martin

Hilton Head Island

Yes, Trump is a racist

I am writing in response to a letter published on Sunday, Aug. 4, with the headline “Trump is not a racist.”

Really? The writer blames the Democrats for raising this issue recently against President Donald Trump. Here are just a few examples of Trump’s racist rhetoric, beginning with his campaign and continuing into his presidency:

He called immigrants from Mexico murderers and rapists.

He referred to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries as coming from “shithole countries” who add nothing to our economy.

He claimed that white-supremacist and neo-Nazi marchers in Charlottesville, Virginia, were good people.

He called immigrant caravans at the southern border “invasions.”

He laughed at his rally when the crowd chanted “send her back” regarding his comments that a U.S. Congresswoman should go back to where she came from. She is an immigrant from Somalia who came to this country as a child and is now a U.S. citizen.

He joked at a rally when a supporter yelled “shoot them” in response to Trump’s reference to the Hispanic migration at the southern border as an “invasion.”

All of Trump’s comments are in the public record.

Finally, the writer ends his letter with jobs, jobs, jobs. I really don’t get the connection between jobs and racism.

However, the writer should look around Hilton Head Island and notice who is doing many of the jobs that keep the economy afloat. They are the same people that Trump disparages every chance he gets. Trump is a racist.

Candace Humphrey

Hilton Head Island

Look what Trump has done to the GOP

The GOP has been the object of a hostile takeover. The Republican “big tent” has shrunk to the 33% of voters, made up of Trump cultists who will never admit that President Donald Trump, the cure, is worse than the disease. George H.W. Bush’s 1,000 points of light are now tiki torches, accompanied by chants of “Jews will not replace us!” Not since the 1960s has America been so divided.

Trump attacks the weak and vulnerable through policies that reward the rich and powerful. The populist economic message, central to Trump’s campaign, is upended and has gone largely unfulfilled. Make no mistake, this is not just Trump. It is a stated goal of GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to curtail non-governmental spending (EPA, Education, and NIH) as well as transfer payments (Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare). The Trumpian GOP’s values are devoid of compassion or empathy and share a despotic desire to ensure that disenfranchised Americans have no voice.

The 2018 mid-term victories have gotten the pendulum swinging back away from the right-wing reactionary consequences of 2016, but so much has been undone with too much approval lavished on American fascist elements.

If sowing racial and ethnic hatred in America wasn’t enough, Trump has met no less than five times with his Russian counterpart. No record of their conversations exists. If the people are not allowed to know what he has said or promised Putin, the ex-KGB agent and East German Stasi liaison who rules the ex-Soviet Union, that alone constitutes treason.

Joe Berger


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