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We all know the solutions to this national gun disgrace | Letters

It would be laughable, if it were not so deadly serious, the way Republicans scramble to explain away the ever-increasing number of mass shootings while avoiding mention of the obvious problem.

The NRA says the solution to gun violence is more guns. Arm everyone, including teachers in schools. It’s a marketing ploy for the gun manufacturers; the shootings in El Paso and Dayton prove that more guns are not the solution.

Texas is an open-carry state and one can assume that there were people in the El Paso Walmart who had guns on their persons. It didn’t stop the carnage. Police arrived promptly and yet there are 22 dead and many more wounded. In Dayton, the police were already there, but the shooter killed nine and wounded others within 30 seconds, before he, himself, was killed.

Currently, Republicans, including President Donald Trump, blame the shootings on the mentally ill. Shooters are declared mentally ill as soon as the tragedy occurs, without any way of proving that at the time.

Let’s face it. Some people are just plain evil. It’s wrong to use a broad-brush characterization that disparages the mentally ill. Other countries have mentally ill people, but only we have huge numbers of mass shootings.

We all know the solution to this national disgrace. Outlaw civilian purchase and ownership of military-style assault weapons.

And while we’re at it, let’s work on restoring kindness in this country. Trump campaigned on, and governs on, hate and fear. We can be better.

Beverly Leick

Hilton Head Island

Middle ground available on guns

Many Americans who don’t own a firearm support the Second Amendment because they recognize the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and trust law-abiding gun owners.

Their trust is based on what they know about those family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers who own firearms and are a lot like the rest of us — responsible individuals who we have no reason to fear will harm anyone.

Many gun-control advocates appear to be reasonable people simply trying to find ways to lessen gun violence. Then there are the extremists who feel that no one should be allowed to own a gun. Finally, there are opportunists who use the tragedy of mass shootings to further their political ambitions.

Conversely the NRA leadership appears unwilling to make concessions. Maybe they suspect that any concession will open the door to an eventual ban on firearms. Most Americans, including gun owners, find such suspicions to be groundless.

The Second Amendment guarantees our right to keep and bear arms, not use them in an unlawful way. Police departments and owners of gun shops should be able to access a database to determine if an individual seeking a gun has been convicted of any act of violence in another state. Sales of assault weapons should be banned. Background checks need to be strengthened without making the process onerous.

Reasonable people can find a middle ground that protects the public without infringing on Second Amendment rights. Compromise is needed. Extremists on both sides of the issue must be ignored.

David Allen


Trump unfit to serve as president

President Donald Trump continues to pursue his dubious policies, contrary to the country’s best interest.

Trade wars were supposed to be “easy,” but, if true, why round two of subsidies totaling billions of dollars to farmers, who would rather sell their crops than receive government welfare checks?

And “raking in billions” from tariffs? Out of the pockets of Americans, sure, due to increased prices. But as payments from China … uh, fact checker, please, on Aisle One.

A problem I face as a citizen of this country is a president who constantly lies — demonstrable lies, as in compare the tapes to see a bald-faced denial of what is true. It has gone on so long, and frequently, that he could utter a demonstrable truth and I would have great difficulty believing him.

It as more than a character flaw. It’s more akin to something pathological.

And, please, let’s see some diplomacy with North Korea, and less of the Harlequin romance. Net sum, there has been no reduction of weapons. They continue to produce weapons-grade nuclear material, and are testing medium-range missiles that potentially pose a threat to American soldiers stationed in South Korea, Japan, and other areas of the Pacific theater.

Trump’s lack of concern for the security of our elections is puzzling, a dereliction of duty, and violation of his oath of office to “protect and defend.”

To me, he is unfit to serve as president.

Hal Cherry

Hilton Head Island

Could it be the Democrats are also racists?

A recent letter to the editor stated President Donald Trump is not a racist. Some of the president’s comments could lead one to disagree with the writer. However, there are other factors in the mix.

With the 2020 Democratic candidates crusading to win African American primary votes — especially here in South Carolina — they repeatedly call the president a racist. They do that because they can’t attack him on the economy, and they can’t attack him on steady job growth and low unemployment — especially in the African American and Hispanic communities.

Could it be the Democrats are also racists as they seem to rely on the race card when opinions/ideas are different from theirs? They also think it’s an effective tool anytime they’re not gaining ground with their usually reliable voters.

Many cities across the country, run by elected Democrats for decades, are failing. Maybe the reliable voters should break with tradition and realize Democratic candidates are not their friends. Sure, they’ll make promises such as “Medicare for all,” but after the votes are counted, those hurting the most will be abandoned for another four years.

Racism is ugly. The president should stop making racist comments. The Democrats should stop using the race card and making unrealistic promises to vulnerable voters.

Dave Humphrey

Hilton Head Island

Reagan’s Republican Party is dead. Own up to the truth on Trump

Stop! Enough! Trump supporters, I’m talking to you.

It is time to own up to the truth. Trump is a racist, chronic liar, and self-centered narcissist who is obsessed with dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un. He is undermining our democracy and ignoring the rule of law. He is violating the U.S. Constitution every day. He is the leader of white supremacists and his followers are his base.

Trump supporters, I know what you will say: “Well, I don’t like him but I like his policies.” This is nonsense.

Or: “I would rather have Trump than socialism.” More nonsense.

In the late 1930s, when Adolf Hitler was on the rise in Germany, many Americans applauded what he was doing to improve the German economy and reduce unemployment. He was seen as a strong leader. People said they didn’t like what he was doing (murdering Jews) but he could help the U.S. defeat communism. You know how that turned out.

Sound familiar? Stop making excuses. If you listen to Trump (and Fox News) and think things are going great, you are part of the problem.

You are part of the base. You are enabling the destruction of our country and are complicit in Trump’s hateful words directed toward his enemies.

Wake up! Reagan’s Republican Party is dead. You have Trump’s party now. You Trump supporters own it.

Terry Gibson

Lady’s Island

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