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Stick to the facts: Border crisis predates Trump | Letters

Trump: ‘The asylum program is a scam’

President Trump called the US asylum program a "scam" while addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas on April 6.
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President Trump called the US asylum program a "scam" while addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas on April 6.

Two recent contributors addressing the southern border crisis describe as inhumane deportation “raids” and conditions at border detention centers. While I don’t doubt the sincerity of their empathy, their naivete and ignorance of facts is concerning.

The crisis is neither manufactured nor recent. It was a central issue in the 2016 election because it existed.

In a 2014 White House address, President Barack Obama decried the illegal immigration influx and announced a deportation initiative. He deported far greater numbers than the current administration.

Trump, like Obama, seeks to deport those who have had their day in court and have been ordered to leave. It’s called due process and the rule of law. (Do the writers believe convicted citizen criminals shouldn’t be incarcerated if that would separate them from grieving families?)

Detention conditions are not concentration camps, nor are ICE personnel Nazis.

The centers preceded Trump, and border security personnel have been in place for years.

More immigrants died in custody in Obama’s last two years than in Trump’s administration.

Demonizing Trump for the current situation is incorrect and adds to the divisive rhetoric.

Rather than name-calling, the writers might offer solutions. Implicit in their opinions is support for open borders. Let everyone in is a solution as foolish as it is unrealistic, and certainly not Obama’s choice.

Addressing humanitarian concerns, as U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell accomplished, and amending an obsolete asylum law are starts. But that may not be as satisfying to some as calling names and disregarding unpleasant facts.

Francis H. Dunne Sr.

Hilton Head Island

Gun control and suicide: Curbing suicide is a whole different issue

An column recently published in this newspaper said that to curb suicide we must curb gun ownership. Simple isn’t it? Deny Americans their Second Amendment rights and mental illness resulting in suicide will be cured.

How many other amendments in the Bill of Rights must be abolished to allow us to live safely and happily ever after?

There is a movement gaining momentum to enact “Red Flag Laws” that would allow a disgruntled employee, ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, or spouse to have one’s firearms taken away without due process if one is deemed a danger to oneself or others.

Depriving someone of their constitutional rights should not be easy. Proponents of Red Flag laws never discuss how and when one’s rights can be restored. Freedom of speech and the press can be eliminated in order avoid people being exposed to disturbing opinions.

Get rid of the Fourth Amendment and the “authorities” can enter our homes any time they wish and confiscate our guns or anything else they think is dangerous – prescription drugs or our computer perhaps?

I don’t argue the writer’s point that the number of suicides and suicide by firearms is greater in states where guns are more prevalent. However, I feel very strongly that mental health issues should be addressed without destroying our Constitution in the process.

Lawrence V. Francese


Trump skews America’s moral compass

Wake up, America, pious hypocrisy is challenging our moral, God-fearing values.

Example: “Trump, The Humanities and Decline of American Values” – Historynewsnetwork.org, June 2.

According to columnist David French in Time magazine July 8, our president’s base supports him out of a fear: “Fearful men grasping at a fading influence by clinging to a man whose daily life mocks the very values that Christians seek to advance.”

Perhaps even more puzzling is the evangelical Christian support. Webster’s defines “evangelical” as “keeping with the gospel, teachings of the New Testament.” In his article, “The deepening crisis in Evangelical Christianity” in Atlantic July 5, Peter Wehner, a conservative, evangelical Republican, states, “The undeniable hypocrisy by evangelicals, who once made moral character, especially sexual fidelity, central to their political calculus, are now accepting a man of ‘boundless corruption.’”

Wehner further states that white Protestant evangelists believe “they are engaged in an existential struggle against a wicked enemy – American liberals.”

Politico’s “The Sanctification of Donald Trump” on April 30 states, “Evangelicals believe he is doing God’s work.”

In any case, our president’s constituency of God-fearing supporters, particularly evangelicals, refuse to see his lack of civility and moral character that are in serious conflict with our basic principles, most importantly our 10 Commandants, especially commandants 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Unfortunately, the decline of society’s moral and social conscience may have contributed to a segment of our population becoming pious hypocrites and deniers, willing to accept less than what most Americans believe. A most important subject for constructive dialogue.

Earle Everett

Moss Creek

Democrats fuel border crisis

We have a crisis on our southern borders and it’s not manufactured as repeated by Democrats over and over.

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lied in stating women had to drink water out of the toilet, and calling detention centers cages that they were concentration camps, comparing Trump to Hitler. The four freshmen Democratic congresswomen voted against the bill that would have provided funding to improve conditions at the border. The detention centers opened in 2014 and were used by President Obama.

Politicians take an oath when they are sworn in, promising to follow existing law, and yet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was advising illegals how to avoid arrests by ICE agents serving legal summonses denying asylum by a judge. The separation of families is occurring because of antiquated laws passed by Democrats, which they refuse to change.

Why are illegals, who broke our laws coming into our country, not showing up for asylum hearings or answering summonses receiving special treatment? Have the Democrats forgotten about or ignoring the problems of American citizens?

All 2020 Democratic presidential candidates swore to give illegals free health care. California is already furnishing illegals free health care. Additionally, they will receive free welfare, education and food stamps. Democrats never mention who will pay for these free programs. It will be middle class American citizens. Illegals don’t want to assimilate into our country as past immigrants did. During one of their demonstrations they removed the American flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag.

Vince Sgroi


A retired rower’s dream

Age has forced me to put away my sculls, shells and oars, but I can still dream.

In a dream last night, I was trying to row a dinghy across a swift-flowing river. The strong current kept sweeping me toward a waterfall, which would be my demise. I was joined by others, all in their own dinghy, struggling against the impossible current.

The river became crowded with men, women, young, old, poor, wealthy, blacks, whites, Latinos, all shapes and sizes. Other rivers flowed into ours, bringing Africans, Europeans, Muslims, Jews, Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, Shintoists Atheists, Zorasterists, gays, straights, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, soldiers, pacifists, nudists, all struggling in their own way against the current.

I could hear the roar of the falls ahead and realized that none of us were making headway. Then, instead of rowing, I grabbed someone’s oar and someone else grabbed mine. We stopped being pulled against the current and formed a bridge that was taking us to the safe riverbank away from certain destruction.

Those who held together depended on each other, helped their neighbor, reached the distant shore. On that sought-after riverbank was love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, thankfulness, empathy. The current that was sweeping us to destruction was bigotry, prejudice, selfishness, corruption, the false gods of wealth and power.

I awoke from my dream feeling relieved, euphoric, full of hope.

Is it only a dream? I hope not.

Charlie McOuat

Hilton Head Island

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