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Remembering Mallory: A look at the Hampton teen who died in Beaufort Co. boat crash

Mallory Madison Beach, 19, was killed in a boat crash near Parris Island on Feb. 24, 2019. Friends and family described her as a teen who was "always smiling" and loved animals. Here's how she'll be remembered.
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Mallory Madison Beach, 19, was killed in a boat crash near Parris Island on Feb. 24, 2019. Friends and family described her as a teen who was "always smiling" and loved animals. Here's how she'll be remembered.

I read your recent relative to the bond agreement for Paul Murdaugh, and hope it is the intention of the paper to publish a picture of Mallory Beach each time you publish a picture of young Mr. Murdaugh.

It’s important to remember who the victim is, the beautiful young woman who will not be allowed roam to the state unrestricted.

Mary Herman Doughty


Stacey Abrams, go away, already

She whines, complains, and blames others for her own failings and just won’t go away. No, not Hillary, I mean Stacey Abrams.

Have you heard Abrams refuse to concede her Georgia gubernatorial race because her opponent “suppressed” her supporters (black voters) from voting for her? Were you aware more voters in Georgia voted in this election than in any previous such election?

Has she pointed out that her opponent (Brian Kemp) used the state’s “exact match” law, which requires basic information on voter applications to match their Georgia driver’s license lists, in Social Security, or state-issued IDs?

Nevertheless, 53,000 such voters were given 26 months’ notice to address the issue and 3.95 million Georgians managed to vote. She also fails to point out that more than a quarter of those erroneous forms came from her registration drives. Overall, there was a 27.7% increase in active voters registered to 6,428,581 in that election. More information was given in a column written by Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal.

How close was the race? According The New York Times, Abrams lost by nearly 65,000 votes.

Now her name comes up as a potential Democratic vice-presidential candidate. If we have a Democratic president, potentially Abrams could be a heartbeat away from being the commander in chief and leader of the free world. Is that what you want?

Go away, already.

Richard Geraghty


Gun mania in our schools

Here is where the gun mania in this country has us now:

Two 8-year-old children described a recent shooting event in their school.

The first said she heard a gunshot and had been in training for this moment, with active-shooter drills and lockdowns, since she was in kindergarten. It was a sound she had never heard before.

The second saw the shooter and hid in a classroom with her teacher. She said she had a metal baseball bat in her hands because she was not going down without a fight.

These are 8-year-old children. In second grade.

Trained in how to stay safe in school against someone shooting with military-grade weapons and thinking they might die.

Trained since kindergarten.

This was forced upon them by the NRA and the gun worshipers who wrongly think owning a gun keeps them safe. They are willing to pay the price of dead children in order to have no restrictions on guns.

If you are so enthralled with guns, join the military. That should satisfy your need.

We need to have sensible gun laws with some restrictions on the types of guns and the number of bullets in a clip.

This should not happen in a civilized society, and anyone who made this happen (gun worshipers) should take responsibility for every one of these unthinkable events. No rational human being can think this is acceptable.

Richard Hammes

Hilton Head Island

Joe Cunningham fulfills promise

As one of U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham’s constituents, I am pleased that in less than one year of service to our district, he has already fulfilled his campaign promises.

He declared he would not vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. He did not.

He promised to protect our Lowcountry waters from offshore oil drilling. He has sponsored bills protecting our ocean and ensuring our huge tourist industry will not suffer from a disastrous oil spill.

He also stopped seismic testing that is harming our marine mammals which are so beloved.

Knowing that the Emanuel Nine mass murder was enabled by a fixable gun-law loophole, he voted to end that. If this tragedy and the recent Sun City shooting have taught us anything, guns do not belong in these hands.

I am proud that our newly-elected Congressman Joe Cunningham, despite his designation as a “Democrat,” is working for all South Carolina District 1 residents.

Mary Lou Bolger

Hilton Head Island

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