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Beaufort Co administrator’s fund filled with hundred of thousands of tax payer dollars

Beaufort County administrators have hundreds of thousands of dollars they could spend without much oversight.
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Beaufort County administrators have hundreds of thousands of dollars they could spend without much oversight.

Your recent article provided great insight into Beaufort County Council’s unconscionable waste of tax dollars.

Tens of thousands of dollars go every year for a car show on Hilton Head Island? Certainly, only one gut-wrenching example for taxpayers.

Hundreds of millions are collected annually and no one knows where it all goes?

A County Council clueless about hundreds of thousands spent on questionable projects or personal favors for the well-connected? A county chief financial officer AWOL when it comes to controls and accurate website reporting?

Our money is hard-earned and, unfortunately, treated like a bottomless piggy bank by county officials. Some people are deprived of basics, like food and medicine, in order to pay taxes and not have their property confiscated by these hooligans in public trust.

Keep digging, please.

Jerry Floyd

St. Helena Island

Go-kart ruling hurts Hilton Head

As a property owner on our dear Hilton Head Island for 34 years, I have seen many changes. Most have been for the best.

I am not only heartbroken but baffled as to why the town board of zoning appeals voted to overturn the planning staff’s denial of an application for go-karts and glow lights.

Can anyone explain why the applicant’s version of the law in the appeal was accepted by the municipality and the board? Why they seemingly never put in a response to the applicant’s appeal or legal assertions made therein? Was the zoning board remiss in carrying out its duties?

Our island has been rated the best beach island for the past four years. It is praised for environmental preservation, green space, beaches, etc. It is also applauded for it’s lack of amusement parks and neon lights.

The allowance of this project opens the door to changing the face of our island forever. How many trees will come down to make way for this project? How many other developers will use this precedent for their financial gain?

I am sure our tourists wouldn’t mind driving 15 minutes or so to a more acceptable location for such a venue.

Our politicians and staff need to remember why Hilton Head Island receives the awards and accolades that it does. They cannot allow this project to change the face of our island forever.

Janice Gierer

Hilton Head Island

But are you getting your money’s worth from the government?

Yes, for an annual budget of $4.5 trillion, the federal government manages many worthwhile functions, including mail service, land records and patent enforcement (according to the July 19 oped supporting big government).

But a far more meaningful question is whether the average American taxpayer is getting his money’s worth?

Consider some of the big issues the federal government is responsible for and assign your own grade, A-F.

Fiscal policy, given a $22 trillion deficit with more spending on the way.

Management of our national borders and legal immigration system.

Success of our government-run school system based on worldwide comparisons.

Success of the war on drugs, war on poverty and the myriad other social programs influencing the stability of the family and our overall level of freedom.

Benefits of government-enforced secularism where religion is driven from our schools and from the public square.

Level and cost of health care services based on worldwide comparisons.

Infrastructure maintenance of roads, bridges, train lines, airports and energy grids.

Level of trust and moral clarity between government and its citizens.

Level of meaningful bipartisan cooperation between political parties and within the three branches of government in managing our country’s business.

Before you assign a final grade, consider the addition of $3 trillion for state and local government costs. Total government expenditures equal $23,437 per year for every man, woman and child.

Thomas Jefferson had it right when he wrote, “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

Brian Thoreson

Hilton Head Island

How you can do your part for the climate

Hello, neighbors. Get on board the Climate Change Awareness Train.

1. All schools should plant a tree or two for the upcoming school year.

2. Try planting tomatoes or pumpkins in your yard, along with a tree.

3. Get yourself a decent water bottle and refill it throughout the week. You will save money by not buying all that plastic. Stop buying plastic.

4. Why not carpool with your friend to the market, to school, or anywhere? That’s one less car on the road.

5. I see cars running with no one in them. Well, folks, you would be arrested in Switzerland, where I lived. They still have lovely mountains to ski and fresh air to breathe.

6. Recycle, reduce, clear out your garages and take it to a charity to resell, and then it does not go into the landfill.

7. Speaking of garages, I never saw so many refrigerators and freezers in garages. Where is the energy being saved with a 105-degree heat index and that old Fridge? Time to close it down.

8. Stop all that burning, especially in Bluffton. When the breeze picks up, everyone has to smell it. Why? What good or advantage comes from burning?

9. The Bluffton library takes magazines and books. Donate.

10. Mother Nature is the best medicine.

Let us all do our little part to keep it nice.

Maureen G. Wilson


Job market needs the help of legal immigrants

Driving from Bluffton to Asheville, North Carolina, we noticed the number of businesses looking for employees.

We also read about local places closing early due to lack of employees.

I wonder how much of this is the immigration push. Many of those who want to come in legally could help fill many of these positions.

They aren’t making others lose jobs. They would fill empty slots.

Mark Larson

Sun City

Awash in cash

Nowadays, those with extreme, 10-figure wealth are referred to categorically as the “filthy rich.” A recent Packet headline to a letter even corroborated this wordage so it must be accurate, right?It’s taken me way too many decades to connect those dots, but I finally recognize one of the apparent requisites to extreme wealth, and, starting tomorrow, I’ll be taking fewer showers.

Herb Zimmerman


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