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What does Trump’s executive order on offshore drilling mean?

Rikki Parker, with the Coastal Conservation League, explains what President Donald Trump's executive order related to offshore drilling includes.
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Rikki Parker, with the Coastal Conservation League, explains what President Donald Trump's executive order related to offshore drilling includes.

I was astounded by a recent letter titled “Applaud GOP for conservation.” The current conservative administration has basically gutted the EPA and rolled back over 80 environmental rules including:

Restrictions on methane emissions from oil and gas companies.

Amended rules that govern how refineries monitor pollution in surrounding communities.

Loosened a Clinton-era rule designed to limit toxic emissions from major industrial polluters, and cast doubt on the need for a Clean Air Act that has saved lives over the past 40 years.

Rescinded water pollution regulations for fracking on federal and Indian lands.

Announced decision to scrap the Clean Power Plan and replace it with one to boost coal use.

Completed preliminary reviews clearing the way for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Proposed opening most of America’s coastal waters to offshore oil and gas drilling.

Attempted to “streamline” the approval process for oil and gas drilling in national forests.

Revoked Obama-era flood standards for federal infrastructure projects like roads and bridges (the previous standards required the government to account for sea-level rise and other climate change effects).

Rolled back a roughly 40-year-old interpretation of a policy aimed at protecting migratory birds, potentially contravening treaties with Canada and Mexico.

The above items are a fraction of the whole, and can easily be verified by consulting the appropriate government agency. How they constitute GOP conservation is beyond any reasonable interpretation.

The new Roosevelt Conservation Caucus will have to perform some fast and fancy footwork to mitigate the environmental disaster this administration has unleashed.

Beth Evans

Hilton Head Island

Trash mountain an abomination

Wake up and smell the burn, Sun City North, Okatie and Hardeeville residents.

Maybe you thought that awful ash smell was from traffic, chemical companies, burning leaves. Well, it’s not. It’s from Chandler Lloyd’s Able Contracting Inc. on Schinger Avenue.

There’s a 40-plus-foot high mountain of trashy construction debris that’s been burning since June, and has had burning episodes during previous years as well.

Why has the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control given this company until May 3, 2020 to obtain a Construction and Demolition processing permit?

There is lingering fire. Jasper County Fire & Rescue continues to douse the mound of debris, and monitor it several times a week.

If this mountain is ever hit by lightning, there will be catastrophic consequences.

In the meantime, instead of smelling flowers, cut grass, and all the lovely summer fragrances, we get air pollution.

Hey, developers – Pulte, Argent East – good luck selling your lots while this abomination is allowed to continue.

Cara Fortney


Sun City, do what is ‘right’

I do understand a recent quote that the Sun City Board of Direcotrs and the community have a “right” to do whatever they want with a piece of common property. My wish is that the board would do the “right” thing.

Their stance now is to do what is right for the golf community but not for an individual property owner in a recently-finished neighborhood.

The board members have told our neighbors the comfort station in question was planned for six years, but cannot provide a site plan showing it. All discussion about alternate sites was done in a closet with no input by the residents affected.

I am a safety professional by training and certification. I agree there is a need for shelter, a defibrillator and comfort station on the back-9 of the golf course. But why put it only three holes after those available at the clubhouse, when there are areas of the course further from safety, like at the 14th hole or between holes 15 and 16. There is a defibrillator near the 11th hole at the security station only a short drive from this site. Kings Creek is one of the quietest areas in the community. A comfort station would prove better service in a more populated area.

It is amazing how many people now come down our street asking where the planned comfort station is going after reading the newspaper articles. When we show them, they say they had no idea it was this close to a home.

Bernard J. Sloan

Sun City

Hypocritical Democrats cause border crisis

Democrat politicians are rushing to the border to witness the severe humanitarian crisis that they denied existed.

They refused funding for the comprehensive border security plan developed during the Obama administration because it included some wall. They have refused to update asylum laws. They support sanctuary policies that send the message if you enter America illegally you will not be deported even if you commit more crimes. Their hypocrisy is unlimited.

Their only recommendation is to send lots of money to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Primarily economic immigrants are gaming our asylum system. We cannot afford the amount of aid and intervention needed to clean up the messes in their home countries.

Democrats do not have realistic solutions but support an open border. They are responsible for the humanitarian crisis on our southern border.

The solution to the crisis is simple. Return to the rule of law and send a clear message that if you enter this country illegally you will be deported. Fund the comprehensive border security plan. Provide asylum screening only at legal points of entry and embassies.

Revise laws for legal immigration, a guest-worker program and permanent status for DACA individuals. Do not encourage illegal immigration with sanctuary policies that violate federal law.

A misdirected sense of compassion only leads to countless human tragedies during transit, and increasing human and economic costs for American citizens and legal immigrants.

It is time for Washington to stop playing politics and end this tragedy.

William T. Pendley


Who is really the ‘hater’?

In Fox news and in Trump’s tweets – but wait, I repeat myself.

Throughout the right-wing propaganda machine, anyone daring to criticize President Donald Trump is denounced as “hating America.”

It is not “hating America.” On the contrary, it is loving and protecting America to call for this country to stand by its principles; to defend the right of Congress enshrined in the Constitution to investigate possible presidential crimes; to ferret out the Russian corruption of our elections; to celebrate the freedom of speech and the press proclaimed in the Bill of Rights; and to glory in America’s history as a nation of immigrants.

If there is hatred loose in the land, it is incited by a president who demonizes desperate immigrants and separates families at the border, consigning even the children to hellish conditions.

If there is violation of American principles, it occurs in the pervasive lies, demeaning insults and demagogic bombast of a president who praises dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un and disparages America’s traditional, democratic allies.

How low the Republican Party has sunk to follow such a leader.

Raymond Dominick


Packet was right on Italy boondoggle

The reader criticizing the Packet for bringing to light the expenditures in connection the recent Italy trip by the Hilton Head Island mayor and his entourage mounts a poor defense of what was essentially a boondoggle paid by taxpayers.

It mentions educational committees to facilitate student exchanges; developing an American university in Verona and accommodating Verona’s desire peddle its products in South Carolina. These are hardly endeavors that should be undertaken by a town the the size of Hilton Head. Surely, there are more worthy projects that would more directly benefit the citizens of our area.

The letter concludes: “Not bad for just $14,664, well spent.”

That idea of how taxpayer money should be spent is vastly different from mine. Contrary to the letter’s assertion, the Packet did get the story right the first time.

Tom Coleman

Hilton Head Island

Democrats, give it a rest

Memo to the Democrats, post-Mueller:

Give it a rest; you are going from annoying to boring.

John Cully

Hilton Head Island

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