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Italy trip well worth it for Hilton Head mayor and town manager | Letters

What do Verona, Italy and Hilton Head Island have in common?

These slides from a presentation were shown to Hilton Head Island Town Council to illustrate why the Town of Hilton Head Island and Verona, Italy should become sister cities. Verona is already sister cities with Albany, N.Y. and Fresno, Calif.
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These slides from a presentation were shown to Hilton Head Island Town Council to illustrate why the Town of Hilton Head Island and Verona, Italy should become sister cities. Verona is already sister cities with Albany, N.Y. and Fresno, Calif.

I must comment on several articles about the massive $14,644 spent supporting the marketing, sales, and public relations efforts of Hilton Head Island Mayor John McCann and Town Manager Steve Riley on behalf of this community.

The reporter went to extraordinary lengths revealing the costs, as if disreputable government officials had squandered them. No effort is made to identify the true nature of the trip, its goals and accomplishments.

The sister-city program has been adopted across the world since President Eisenhower introduced the idea in 1956 to foster mutually beneficial cross-cultural relationships.

In this spirit of positive accomplishment, Dean Bob LeFavi, USCB, presented the program to our Town Council in 2017. For more comprehensive information, see https://sistercities.org.

Verona’s city government and Chamber of Commerce hosted the Hilton Head delegation with the objective of exploring common interests in trade, education, arts and culture. McCann and Riley worked 10- to 12-hour days developing relationships.

The results of their efforts are plans to establish a joint education committee to facilitate student and faculty exchanges for both high school and college levels. Veneto Region government officials also expressed significant interest in developing an American university in Verona with South Carolina universities. Plus, regional vineyards want to explore distribution rights of their products in South Carolina.

A reciprocal visit to Hilton Head by Verona officials is being planned to meet with our Chamber of Commerce, business, and academic leaders.

Not bad for just $14,644, well spent.

The Packet should get the entire story straight the first time.

Pat Laff

Hilton Head Island

America remains the hope of the world

We often hear that with its rapid economic growth, China will soon take over the U.S. as the world’s No. 1 superpower.

I have faith in America.

What makes America great are not only its military and economic might, but also its moral supremacy. Unlike China, where people are bound by long history, racial homogeneity, and government-sponsored patriotism, our young nation is rooted in a value system that transcends race and nationality. Generations of immigrants from far-flung shores have embraced the moral code of freedom, equality, and rule of law, and have become “American.”

For every crisis, we stand as a nation. No country expended more treasure and blood to end slavery. No country sent more sons, husbands and brothers to fight against tyranny in foreign lands and rebuild war-torn nations. They asked for nothing “except enough ground to bury them in.”

To most of the world, America symbolizes hope and opportunity to the oppressed and the destitute.

Unfortunately, in today’s classrooms, mainstream media and Washington, D.C., our children are told that America is “just OK,” and that we need to apologize for our past sins.

History has shown that America has done more good for more people than all other countries combined, and Old Glory stands as the last defense against China’s hegemony in Southeast Asia and Iran’s reign of terror in the Middle East.

Lincoln declared more than 100 year ago: “America is the world’s last hope.” It still rings true today. So honor the American flag.

Xiaodan Li

Hilton Head Island

Where is the center? They’re shoving it to the right

Bless the press and TV because they are clueless and don’t even have a clue that they are clueless.

Recently, the media have expounded on how the Democrats are moving to the left, way to the left, so far left that they are likely to fall off the earth.

Actually, for the last 40 years, the Republicans have run a government that catered to the rich and powerful with favorable tax treatments, reduced regulations on unethical business practices and no penalties for ripping off the middle class and the poor.

During that time, the middle class has stagnated, and the poor have become increasingly dependent on others. In what educated society is a massive transfer of wealth from the middle to the top considered democratic?

The Declaration of Independence says: “All men are created equal” and Lincoln mentioned something about government “of, by and for (all) the people.” So, are those fundamental democratic beliefs now considered moving to the left, and governing for the rich and powerful is the center? What’s going on?

Have the media become so jaded that where we are today is the center? Is that the baseline for saying the Democrats are moving to the left of center? Have they really given up to the rhetoric of the right wing?

Standing up for individual (human) rights, a living wage, decent health care, freedom of fear from being gunned down in your own neighborhood: that’s moving to the left?


Richard Wallace


Donald Trump is not a racist

As I read in a Facebook post, Donald Trump is the first racist to:

Date black women, deport an ex-Nazi, upgrade MLK’s birthplace to a national historic park, posthumously pardon legendary boxer Jack Johnson, kiss the Western Wall, love his Jewish grandchildren, establish an Opportunity and Revitalization Council to restore unhealthful black neighborhoods, sign a major criminal reform bill, grant Alice Johnson clemency, loan personal jet to Nelson Mandela, declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, oversee the lowest black unemployment in history, denounce David Duke more than 20 years ago, be given a lifetime achievement award after paving a way for blacks to enter corporate America ...

It’s ironic that most of those calling him a racist don’t have a personal record anywhere close to Trump’s record, and the above is not an exhaustive list. The left, with its runaway rabid hate, is frittering away any chance of recapturing the White House in 2020, and possibly losing the House as well.

I prefer a balanced government, but if I can’t have that, I’ll accept a conservative government. Perhaps the Democrats can salvage their party before its destruction by the far left is completed.

Paul Kositzka


The right thing for Pulte to do at Sun City Hilton Head

The recent article concerning the proposed location of a comfort station in Sun City adjacent to a residence shows the total lack of concern for the affected homeowner by the powers in charge at Pulte and Sun City.

If the comfort station were being built beside any of the board members’ residences, they would be extremely upset.

They are quick to reference their “right” to do things with no regard whatsoever for the people their plans are affecting.

People look to purchase property in Sun City to enjoy their “golden years” with minimal stress.

The homeowner thought he was purchasing a premium lot beside of common property where no residence would be built. I would be surprised if he wasn’t charged a premium price for that lot.

The right thing for Pulte to do would be to either find a location for the comfort station away from any resident’s home, or buy his home back, as he has clearly been misled.

James Montgomery


Don’t worry about your carbon footprint

Oh, my goodness! The Union of Concerned Scientists knows how hot the weather will be 30 and even 80 years in the future. I wonder who funds them?

Carbon dioxide, which we all exhale with every breath, is an odd choice of a villain. Green plants absorb it and replenish atmospheric oxygen.

In the 1970s, we were told that those same greenhouse gases were going to cause a new ice age. In the ’80s, acid rain was going to destroy our drinking water. In the ’90s, the ozone hole was going to kill us with skin cancer.

The only thing these non-catastrophes had in common was the proposed solution: massive government intervention on a global scale.

One might think that that’s the objective of all this hysteria. Carbon dioxide comprises 38/100ths of one percent of the atmosphere, and 97% of that occurs and fluctuates naturally.

We can’t change the climate with human-produced carbon dioxide because there simply isn’t enough of it.

There are plenty of real things to worry about. Your carbon footprint isn’t one of them.

Dave Barton


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