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Here’s what the Sea Pines referendum vote really shows | Letters

Your paper failed to capture the essence of the Sea Pines referendum, and in so doing misled readers. Seventy-two percent of a record 4,000-plus property owners overwhelmingly affirmed the vision of our elected representatives who voted unanimously for a modest increase in annual homeowner fees.

In any election, this would be recognized as a ringing endorsement. Unfortunately, by a quirk in our 1974 covenants, a 75% affirmative vote is required for any change, however inconsequential, and so the referendum failed.

Had your reporter quoted any one of the vast majority of positive property owners, rather than two critics, the article would have taken a different and far more perceptive tone.

The referendum affirmed that Sea Pines property owners do indeed respect the competence and integrity of our governing board, are proud of the world-class enhancements that the Sea Pines Resort has brought, and recognize the amazing bargain that the mixture of homeowners, commercial interests and resort have enabled. For what is likely the lowest annual HOA fee in the area, Sea Pines property owners have access to unsurpassed amenities, including four golf courses, three new clubhouses, a world-class beach and beach club, equine facilities, 15 miles of bike and leisure trails, Harbour Town and its marina, and a beautiful 600-acre forest preserve.

To even imply that the views of those quoted in your article are representative of our community is a disservice to the vast majority who appreciate the efforts of our elected representatives, the many improvements that the Sea Pines Resort has brought and the wonderful bargain that Sea Pines represents.

Dennis Meir

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head should tend town property at Port Royal better

I recently emailed Hilton Head Island Town Manager Steve Riley regarding the condition of the property the town purchased a few years ago at the intersection of U.S. 278 and Dillon Road, part of what was one of Heritage Golf’s three courses at Port Royal Plantation.

For a year or so after the purchase the property continued to be maintained and operated as a golf course.

After Hurricane Matthew hit in October 2016, the property was used, in part, for a dumping location for some of the storm debris. Once that debris was cleared, the property fell into disrepair and is currently totally covered with weeds. I asked what the town’s plans are to properly maintain the property and when that would occur. To this date, I have received no response. I must say, however, that within a few days of my email, the land that is directly adjacent to both U.S. 278 and Dillon Road was mowed, but the rest of the property remains abandoned.

It is incomprehensible to me that the town is not held to the same standards as other island property owners. If others allowed their land to become totally overgrown with large weeds, the town would certainly cite the owner and ensure the property was returned to habitable condition, and that is as it should be. The town, as a property owner, should be treated no differently.

If the town insists on purchasing property, it should be prepared, capable and held accountable for maintaining those parcels appropriately.

Don Karell

Hilton Head Island

Secure the border and change the asylum laws

How quickly they learn. After just months on the job, U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham has already learned to sidestep controversial issues and concentrate on re-election instead.

This from a “canned” email reply to me in May:

“… Those who aspire to become American citizens have suffered …”

“… We must modernize our immigration laws in a way that keeps law-abiding families together …”

“… A path to citizenship …”

“… Diplomatic strategy designed to address the root causes of illegal immigration …”

He should concentrate on his South Carolina constituents, not illegals.

Secure the border and change the asylum laws. It’s not really that difficult if he really wanted to solve the problem.

Ron Holec

Hilton Head Island

Trump’s manufactured border crisis disgraces all Americans

Earlier this month, a national demonstration and prayer vigil was called by Lights for Liberty to remind us of the crisis at the border. A recent photograph of a father and daughter who drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande and reports of inhumane conditions for children warehoused in detention centers have illustrated the suffering occurring at our border.

According to a physician who interviewed 39 children who were forcibly separated from their families, their detention conditions are akin to torture: extremely cold temperatures, lights on 24 hours, no medical care, poor sanitation, inadequate water and food. In violation of international human rights laws, the United States is inflicting lasting trauma on these children, some as young as toddlers.

This is a manufactured crisis, designed for political purposes to fire up President Donald Trump’s base. And in support of the president, Sen. Lindsey Graham stated, “This is not the president’s fault.” Graham believes immigrants should just “stay home.” He and the president have no understanding that these people are fleeing violence, persecution and ecological crises — many of which were created by American interference or neglect. These refugees are seeking asylum.

We Americans must stand up for our values, now, loudly and persistently. This crisis disgraces us all; it is our dystopia, right here in the wealthiest nation in history. Let us not forget what has been done in our name on Nov. 3, 2020.

Susan Boyd


Trump right to use executive orders

A recent letter referred to President Donald Trump as an “emperor” for his use of the executive order. It was the last president who declared he had a phone and a pen, inferring that he could do whatever he wanted by executive order. And he pushed that power to the limit and beyond.

The difference now is that Trump is using executive orders to undo business-killing over-regulation, give our veterans access to timely health care, promote energy independence and, most importantly, defend our southern border from an overwhelming influx of people, drugs and disease.

I am not fond of executive orders either. Congress is supposed to deliberate, compromise and legislate. Perhaps if Democrats and mainstream Republicans did their jobs instead of simply obstructing everything he is trying to do, Trump would not need to resort to executive orders, which is within his constitutional rights to do.

Trump was elected because of the promises he made on behalf of everyday Americans. He is keeping his promises in spite of Congress. He is making America great again. If he has to use executive orders to do it, more power to him.

Karen Wyld

Sun City


Jasper County Republican Party

Is this the last straw for Trump?

When will we see the straw that broke the camel’s back? Is the latest set of Trump tweets that straw? We can only hope.


Trump refused to rent apartments to blacks.

He asserted that the first black president was not U.S.-born.

He said most Mexican immigrants were rapists or drug dealers.

He said a U.S. judge wasn’t capable of being fair because his parents were Mexican.

He said there were “fine people” among the Nazis and white nationalists in Charlottesville.

He wanted reduced immigration from “s***hole” countries.

And now, U.S. congresswomen should “go back where they came from.” How many examples of Trump’s racism do we need before we admit there’s a racist in the White House?

When will members of the Republican Party grow a spine, do what is right and speak out against this president? History will not be kind to Republicans who have sold their souls for a seat at Trump’s table.

Michael Robinson

Hilton Head Island

Many help sea turtles succeed on SC shores

I was recently made aware that there are record nests of sea turtles along the South Atlantic coast and Hilton Head Island in particular. As a result of these record nests, we are seeing an egg-laying boom for the sea turtles. Both are precursors to an expanding population of a threatened species.

I wanted to take a moment and thank the volunteers on Hilton Head Island who have for years been so diligent in helping to protect these sea turtles. Their efforts have greatly contributed to the success of turtle hatchlings and the resurgence of the sea turtle along our coast.

Their long hours and patient vigilance are greatly appreciated. On behalf of the citizens of Hilton Head Island and a grateful state, thank you.

Jeff Bradley

District 123

S.C. House of Representatives

Hilton Head Island

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