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Thank you, strangers, for saving my life on Hilton Head | Letters

What Hilton Head beachgoers want lifeguards to tell them

Beachgoers describe on Monday how the lifeguards help them feel safe, and suggest ways they can make them feel even safer.
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Beachgoers describe on Monday how the lifeguards help them feel safe, and suggest ways they can make them feel even safer.

On Sunday, July 7, I was the victim of a near-drowning episode at Palmetto Dunes beach. I was pulled from the water by swimmers around me who got me safely back to the lifeguard stand. The Beach Patrol called the EMTs and stayed with me until the ambulance arrived. I was treated at Hilton Head Hospital for water inhalation and released later that afternoon.

Although I don’t know any of your names, I know that your swift actions saved my life. I knew that I was drowning but couldn’t help myself. I owe each of you a debt of thanks that I wish I could repay face to face. I will never know if you were vacationers or residents of Hilton Head Island, but I hope that you see this letter and know how grateful I am for your help. Many, many thanks for your caring and compassion.

Terri M. Reutter

Sun City

Life Care Center of Hilton Head among the best

You recently ran a very negative article about the Life Care Center of Hilton Head, and I thought I best write to provide a more balanced viewpoint.

Prior to my mother passing in 2016, she was in and out of Life Care between assisted living and hospital stays. I found the Life Care doctor, and staff very attentive and caring during my frequent visits.

As a result of visiting Mom with our Labradoodle, Dixie, I have since made it a habit to visit Life Care three or four times a week. I bring newspapers and magazines to an elderly alumnus of our alma mater, fill his bird feeder, and occasionally take him out to breakfast or church services.

What your article failed to reflect is the friendliness and attention the staff seems to be giving to every single resident. When my time comes, I will not hesitate to be sent to Life Care for my last days. While some faceless bureaucrat might find fault, I know from firsthand knowledge that the medical staff and caregivers are among the best on the island.

Bob Clemens

Hilton Head Island

A better idea for immigration

Every day now we see and read about the lawlessness of many of our citizens/non-citzens as they haze ICE agents, deface the flag, protest the treatment of illegal alien detainees and demand their unconditinal release into our country.

Even worse, we now have not only sanctuary cities but also states that openly defy federal laws, court orders and law enforcement personnel.

One way to determine how truly these people, cities and states care about the plight of the illegal immigrants is to have the administration adopt a policy that any illegal immigrant (who has not broken any laws) can be “adopted” by a person, family, city or state. That adoption, or support, will include accepting legal responsibility for the future behavior and actions of those “adopted” individuals. Responsibilities will include all those normally associated with the adoption of a minor.

“Adopted” individuals could have a pathway to citizenship after a set period of time and having met certain set requirements.

With this type of policy, not only will illegal immigrants be afforded a chance at “adoption” or lawful release into our country but all those decrying their plight will have a chance to step up and put their money and character where their mouths are. Bet that it would prove to be a policy failure as few would step up.

Keith Patten


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