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Hilton Head, don’t forget the residents — and their real estate values | Letters

I read with interest and pride of Hilton Head Island’s continued ranking as a top travel destination. But I’m puzzled: Why hasn’t that translated into better real estate values for residents?

For many of us (verifiable on the county’s website), this is the first place we have lived where the value of our homes has not risen over time. In fact, many values have gone down.

With a potential supply of retirees from the expensive, cold and high-tax North, how can that be? Is it fear of hurricanes, competition from newer homes in Bluffton and other areas, traffic and overcrowding, lack of residential marketing in the North, or something else?

Town Council and the Realtor community need to look into this. Town decision processes need to include the question: How does this help residents and home values? Residents don’t always have to be first, but they shouldn’t always be last.

If this had been done before, there are several things town leaders might have done differently. They might have traveled to the North in the winter to sell the advantages of island living instead of going to Italy; they might better aim advertising to further residential as well as tourism goals; they might have built a centrally-located community center instead of a south-end playground for tourists and a Hotel University, etc.

Residents also need a strong institutional advocate, such as a Chamber of Residents, as a balance for the tourism voice of the Chamber of Commerce.

Steven M. Baer

Hilton Head Island

Can’t wait to visit Verona

We appreciate Hilton Head Island Mayor John McCann’s efforts in securing “sister city” status for us with Verona, Italy.

We are planning a lengthy visit to Verona and wanted to get from him the address of the home reserved for Hilton Head residents.

Will we have a car with a driver, or should we plan on driving ourselves?

What restaurants will be comping us, recognizing our status?

Should we submit expense reports to get reimbursed for our first-class air travel before or after our trip? We want to arrive in Verona and back on Hilton Head ready.

Lou Thomas

Hilton Head Island

Don’t let them change America

I believe that most people in America love the way of life in the USA. It has provided a wonderful life for people who work hard and honor the laws of our country.

People who are not satisfied with life in America have a choice to leave and go to any country that provides the government and the social system they desire.

Most of us have no desire to change and live in the social system that they are pushing us to live under. Please don’t let them change the way of life in the USA.

Dan Diehl

Hilton Head Island

Leonard Pitts has a closed mind

In response to the July 14 column by Leonard Pitts, I would like to know what makes him so sure he knows the truth, and is there only one “truth”?

He speaks about an open mind but, according to his own words, he certainly doesn’t have one.

This illustrates a major problem facing us today — the inability on the part of so many to see all sides of an issue and accept that everyone has the right to decide their own “truth.”

Elaine Lust

Moss Creek

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