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Stop the $5M ‘sweetheart’ land buy for a Jasper port that is a fallacy | Letters

There was a news article a few days ago wherein state Sen. Tom Davis announced that $8 million was secured for the Jasper Ocean Terminal in the new state budget.

Most of that money (up to $5 million) will go to purchase the Sherwood Plantation property, which would seem to be nothing more than a sweetheart deal and in my view, misappropriation of public funds.

The purchase of that property will do nothing to advance the creation of the Jasper Ocean Terminal.

Notice I used the word “creation” because there is not, and likely never will be, a Jasper Ocean Terminal unless and until Savannah and Charleston run out of port capacity.

The taxpayers need to demand the halt of the spending of that $5 million on the sweetheart land deal and ask our political leaders to stop with the Jasper Ocean Terminal fallacy.

Danny Mckenzie


Americans are better than this

Decisions, made by the few, and then ramrodded through, are testing and changing the tried-and-true values of America today. We, on the surface, appear to be spineless, like the shrimp that live in our waters.

When I read about raids decreed by this president on immigrants in targeted areas by federal forces this weekend, I recall learning about Hitler’s targeted raids on Jewish ghettos during World War II in Europe. People just disappeared. I cringe to think that such infamy might be happening right now throughout America.

We are all at fault for permitting such things. We are brighter, better, smarter, and more just that to tolerate the arrest of people who might be living here illegally, plus anyone with them, or helping them in any way.

Will you turn over to the authorities the person who cleans your house, takes care of your children or aging parent, or who mows your lawn? Will you lift a hand to help anyone close to you like this in your daily life that may be caught in this fishing net? What happens to you if you don’t? Who will be next — you, or maybe me, for writing this letter?

And, we live in a community dependent on migrant workers; therefore, how can this newspaper print a six-page story today about a “gentleman bandit” of 30 years ago, instead of using those precious pages to report ongoing stories about our current community of migrants and immigrants — our interdependencies, strengths, and vulnerabilities.

Susan Baukhages


Remember Sherman’s march: Reparations for everyone

In February 1865, General William Tecumseh Sherman and the Union army departed Beaufort, South Carolina. His army marched north burning, pillaging and raping innocent civilians, women, children and old men in a continuation of his “total destruction” (war crimes) wrought on Georgia. The damage inflicted on the civilians of this state and, indeed, of the entire South, was so great that it took more than 100 years to recover.

So, as my grandmother used to say, “What has this got to do with the price of tea”?


We are now in the silly season for the socialist-Democrats and left-wing bottom feeders who are demanding financial recompense for African-Americans who are descendants of slaves. They are probably not aware of the despicable exploits of Sherman and the Union army that should be atoned. So why not have reparation for the descendants of Civil War crime victims?

The idea of economic atonement for “past injustices and persistent disparities” as espoused by “cirque du Democrat” could also be applied to descendants of people of the South who are Sherman’s victims. In the antebellum South, 93% of the population did not own slaves but were victims of Union war crimes.

This of course would be equally ludicrous, but it demonstrates yet another way the socialists want to redistribute wealth. Fortunately, most polls show a two-thirds majority overwhelmingly oppose the preposterous idea of reparations.

Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis wrote the “oppressed South” shall “rise again.” Memo to socialists: it already has.

Christopher D. Clayton

Hilton Head Island

A census solution

Here’s a solution for the Census Bureau on the question “Are you a citizen of the United States?” Simply leave a space at the top of the form and let anyone who wishes to write-in that they are indeed a United States citizens. If we allow write-ins for elections, why not the census?

Dave Humphrey

Hilton Head Island

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