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Don’t attract sharks to Hilton Head beach | Letters

When I ride my bike on the beach, I always count at least seven or more surf fishers, usually very near swimmers. Right now, it is legal to “fish” at a distance from swimmers.

My question is, why are these fishermen providing chum to lure sharks to our beaches? Throwing out yummy replicas of fingers and toes, thinking shark understand the difference, seems a bit off.

Are sharks smart enough to tell the difference? How smart are humans, on the other hand? I realize the sharks aren’t leaving, but can’t we stop playing Russian Roulette?

Put on your big boy pants and charter a boat! Do some real fishing. There is plenty of space not inhabited by children.

Here is what the experts say about sharks in our waters:

“They’re starting families here in what has become the prime birthing location of the north Atlantic Ocean, according to some marine scientists who study the ancient predators.”

“The Port Royal Sound might have the largest concentration of tiger sharks of any non-ocean area in the state or East Coast.”

I have also noticed over 25 years that the number of folks in the water is drastically down. Could it be that the media has frightened them with wall-to-wall coverage of every shark attack? I think so. And for once, the media is probably doing us a favor.

My guess is, it is dangerous to let ourselves become chum for the sharks.

Chandler Russell

Hilton Head Island

Right focus for July 4

There’s an old saying: “God don’t like ugly.” Perhaps a message was sent to Washington with a soggy July 4.

It is an established fact that our American military is the strongest and most powerful force the world has ever known. This has been established since World War II under both Republican and Democratic administrations. After WWII, we demonstrated America’s heart with the Marshall Plan to help the very people whom we had defeated. Our military power already is known to us, world leaders and the world itself.

It is not necessary to constantly state or demonstrate an established fact. A smart person does not need to constantly state that he or she is smart. Intelligence that is demonstrated by speech, writing and actions does not need to be stated.

As Americans, we remember our military on Memorial Day when we lower our flags to half staff and conduct services to honor those who gave their ultimate to protect our liberties.

As Americans, we honor our military on Veterans Day, to recognize those who gave part of their lifetime to protect our freedoms.

However, July 4 is a birthday, and as any birthday it celebrates our people, independence, liberties, freedoms and inalienable rights. It is a party day of celebrating we the people.

As Americans, we have heart and give honor to our military, but July 4 is a birthday about independence, liberty, freedoms and rights.

It is about the strongest muscle we have — our hearts.

Perhaps a soggy Fourth of July had a message about the “ugliness” of a wrong focus.

Calvin Jordan


Not an excuse for breaking law

What is wrong with this picture? In a recent article on the sports pages of your newspaper about an NCAA basketball scandal, lawyers for an ex-NBA star who was convicted of accepting $91,500 in bribes, say that he should not get any jail time because he was broke and financially desperate when he joined the conspiracy.

Chuck Person was a first-round draft pick in 1986 and the NBA Rookie Of The Year in 1987. He enjoyed a very lucrative 13-year professional career as a player and has coached at the college and professional level for the past 17 years.

In today’s world, NBA players average $10.33 million a season. In 1998, when Person was still playing, the average player salary was more than $3 million. At the same time, according to uscensus.com, the median income in the United States was $40,860 per year. Apparently, Person had a spending problem.

I do not know what Chuck Person’s punishment should be, but I do know that personal irresponsibility is not an excuse for breaking the law.

Howard D. Sassman


Democrats don’t get it

I’m still perplexed why pundits misunderstand the support for President Donald Trump by “deplorables.”

A lot of us didn’t like a lot about the guy’s background and demeanor, but our only other option was Hillary, and all her documented corruption. Voting for her would continue the slide toward socialism.

On the other hand, Trump promised to drain the bloated swamp.

You vote for Trump and while he continues to behave coarsely, he also keeps his promises and the country rises out of the economic malaise of the Obama years.

Why is it so hard to understand why so many people like the results of his presidency so far, and are fed up with the Democrats and mainstream media’s single-minded obsession to invalidate the election. If the current slate of Democratic candidates are the only option in 2020, expect Trump to be around for a while, warts and all.

Steve Dickler

Hilton Head Island

A better way to handle letters

The pro- and anti-Trump letters are only repeating opinions and factoids that have been voiced over and over, ad nauseum. Yes, we all know that Trump lost the popular vote; yes, we know that he is the best president since George Washington; yes, he is a serial groper if not a rapist; yes, he made America great again, etc., etc.

May I suggest that your editors stop publishing the sermons to writers’ own choirs unless there is something fundamentally new and different, something truly enlightening?

The shouts of indignation, adulation, rage or worship are not going to change the believers’ minds, they simply will cement them in.

Perhaps you could simply publish a running tally of the pro and con letters, and use the space thus freed for local affairs, or for matters that we can actually do something about?

Jan S. Stasiek

Hilton Head Island

Limit terms at county level

Most of us complain about term limits for our senators and congressmen, and I agree with all of my heart.

However, I would like to make a statement concerning the term limits of our Beaufort County Council. In my opinion, we need to replace a number of them as they have been there too long and only side with each other on problems that they don’t care about.

An example is the person who they attempted to have removed from a County Council meeting by a deputy. The three-minute limit on public comments is not enough time to explain a problem, as I have learned concerning the trash sites.

In my opinion, that person had all rights under the law to make his complaint.

The problem in Beaufort County is they want the big bucks to fill their pockets and not worry about the local residents.

Robert Williams


Fireworks, litter problems solvable

A recent headline reads “Lifeguards haul 7 trailers of trash from illegal fireworks on beach.” The accompanying article states that, according to Town Hilton Head Island code, it is illegal to set off fireworks anywhere on the beaches without a permit.

It is also illegal to litter on Hilton Head beaches.

A spokesman for the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office said he was not aware of any tickets issued by deputies for fireworks. No mention was made whether any permits to set off fireworks were issued. We can probably assume no tickets were issued for littering.

The solution to this problem is simple. Let us see if the Hilton Head town officials can figure it out on their own. Hint: more signage is not the answer.

Warren Jungk


Nike decision unpatriotic

The Phil Knight ham-handed decision to cease manufacturing “patriotic-toned” Nike sneakers is a purported unpatriotic bending for supposed commercial benefit in lieu of support of the national heritage.

What strategy/tactic seeks profit? Need to brush-up on history, Phil. Betsy Ross, like John Brown at Harper’s Ferry, was an abolitionist.

Wake up, America, and support patriotism every day.

Almighty God bless America

Jesse W. Iverson

Hilton Head Island