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Italy ‘vacation’ hurts reputations of Hilton Head leaders | Letters

Judas sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver. Have Hilton Head Island Mayor John McCann and town manager Steve Riley sold their reputations for a taxpayer funded “work-related” vacation to Verona, Italy?

Our mayor flew “Delta One,” which is above first-class, because he wanted to arrive fresh. Riley went and took his wife, justifying it because it was in his contract.

While the need for these trips was dubious, their arrogance for the taxpayer was evident in their explanations.

The professional development paragraph in Riley’s contract speaks to local and state functions and “to ... pay for additional travel and subsistence expenses incurred by Mr. Riley’s spouse when her presence at work-related functions is expected or in the town’s interest.”

As taxpayers, we await with bated breath what information this European trip has provided to remedy our pressing traffic congestion and workforce housing problems.

It takes only one poor decision to sully one’s reputation. They have done that in our eyes.

Albert and MaryAn Emanuelli

Hilton Head Island

This treatment is anti-American

The stance this administration has taken when it comes to immigration is an atrocity.

It is horrendous that donations to meet the daily needs of those who were separated from their parents and placed in cages are being turned away.

Why would anyone not accept help to care for these children? To deny the basic needs at no cost is to deny these children of human kindness and concern for their well-being.

Picture these children lacking these needs, being denied them for no other reason than to punish them for actions beyond their responsibility. Our citizens who condone this mistreatment of children, no matter their status, are anti-American, lacking their claimed Christian values in the worst way possible.

Even if these children were guilty of violating immigration laws, they are still children and human beings. Even convicted killers are afforded basic needs. Why not these children?

At a cost of $750 per day, per child, you’d think any free help would be accepted.

These concentration camps, and they are concentration camps, are the product of President Donald Trump and his cronies. The same man who would deny these children would certainly deny the rest of us our basic needs, if it benefited him. Just another step towards dictatorship.

What a shame his backers are ignorant to his ambitions and fall for his rhetoric. His claims of accomplishments are bogus, with the exception of these camps. He’s accomplished massive child abuse in the name of border safety. Our great America?

Lucien Piccioli


Infanticide not a choice

Let me first agree with the recent writer who said that God gave women choices. Indeed, Eve was the first woman to make a choice and, tragically, some choices are wrong even today.

Where I disagree is in the nature of women’s choices: Women certainly have the right to choose whether to have sex, with whom, when, where and why. Women also may choose the method of birth control they prefer, to keep their baby or to give him or her up.

But nowhere in the Bible is it written that God gave women the right to end the life of another human being. In fact, in “Unger’s Bible Dictionary,” I read that “taking the life of a human being was regarded by the Almighty as a capital offense.”

So because I am sure the writer agrees that the unborn baby is a human being, then infanticide is wrong no matter how many more days until birth. As an analogy, no matter how much longer I must time my food in the microwave, it is still food.

God does not give women the choice to kill, just like he refuses that right to men.

In addition, all human beings are created in God’s image, even the ones the writer describes as “unwanted and disabled.” So while I agree with his statement that some babies are “unwanted” by the birth mothers, or are “financial burdens” to them, let’s not confuse our political opinions for God’s words.

Barbara McCann