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For the people: Stop the obnoxious TV ads for Savannah lawyers | Letters

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If I only had the talent of a political cartoonist. They can say in one picture what would take me hundreds of words to describe.

My cartoon would illustrate just how nauseating I find these endless and repetitive personal-injury lawyer commercials on TV – every single day! I would draw a huge whale (auto insurance companies) being chewed to pieces by a handful of hungry sharks (lawyers) that swim out of Savannah each morning. In the corner of my cartoon there would be customers in an insurance office with empty pants pockets crying: “Why are our insurance rates so high?”

Are these sharks (multiplying all over litigious America) really for “people,” for “justice,” for motherhood, and apple pie? Or … for the money?

Not hard to figure out. Some sharks say it outright: “We will get all the money that you deserve.” What they fail to include is “… and all the money that we deserve.” And how much of a chunk do they take: 30%, 40%? How else can they afford to saturate the airwaves with their mind-numbing commercials?

And then there’s even a clinic that boasts: “Where it pays to get well.” Now what do you think they mean by that?

Don’t even think for a moment that these greedy-smelling commercials will go away anytime soon. The “whale” never dies. It gets constant blood ($$$) transfusions from high insurance rates from people like you and me. It’s an endless feast for such deadly sharks.

Gene Ceccarelli


Why Obama is silent on Joe Biden

After watching the two Democratic Party debates and reading your coverage, it became clear why Barrack Obama has not endorsed his vice president and friend Joe Biden.

Biden’s debating skills are subpar, but more importantly, the more debates he participates in and the more exposure he gets, the more light will be shown on Obama’s eight years in the White House.

While Obama was a popular politician and likable president, his accomplishments were few and far between. His failures range from Obamacare (budget buster with $30 million still without insurance), immigration policy (record 2 million deportees), economy (rapid growth of food stamps and disability claims, record low 63% labor force participation rate), Democratic loses (920 state seats, 12 governorships, 69 House seats, 12 Senate seats) and Russian interference (ignored and likely participated in Russian meddling of 2016 election) to Benghazi, the Iran nuclear deal, Arab Spring, Syrian redline, identity politics and race relations.

History will ultimately judge his presidency, but for now Obama would prefer the focus be on Trump and any Democrat other than Biden.

Brian Thoreson

Hilton Head Island

A better birth control

In response to the recent letter to the editor on mandatory birth control from the gentleman in Bluffton, a better solution is a mandate that all males, starting at puberty, be fitted with chastity belts. After all, the male, not the female, is the originator of all pregnancies.

Problem solved.

Charlene Shufelt


Why Verona?

Like many other Hilton Head Island taxpayers, I am still scratching my head why the town felt the need for a friendship pact with Verona, Italy, of all places. I’m sure it’s a a lovely city, but I’m at a loss to discern what it has in common with Hilton Head. Maybe there is a plausible explanation, but if so, I’d like to hear it. Couldn’t an exchange of correspondence sufficed?

Tom Coleman

Hilton Head Island

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